An impactful career takes guts. We make sure you’re not grinding alone.

Orr Fellowship is on a mission to create the premier post-undergraduate experience in the nation. Made up of a community of recent college graduates with varied interests and backgrounds, Orr Fellows pursue their first full-time career while living in Indianapolis.

You're not exploring alone. ​

From annual retreats, social events and Indy outings to post-fellowship reunions, Orr Fellowship is where early-career professionals expand their network and even meet their best friends.


Individuals remaining in Indiana after Orr

You're not growing alone.​

Orr Fellows want to level-up quickly, and often in a broad range of subject matter areas.

We understand the need for dynamic, early career intellectual stimulation, which is why we’ve combined chances for instructor-led development as well as stipend-based skills enhancement for independent study. We’ll provide activities like workshops, speaker series, and one-off pitch competitions while you let us know where else you’d like to grow.

Orr Fellowship's mission is to recruit and develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

We can't do this alone!​

Orr Fellowship can’t thrive without Fellows!

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