1. How long does Orr Fellowship last?
    Orr Fellows commit to a full-time, salaried position for two full years with their host companies. Spring graduation Fellows will begin working June 14, 2021 and December graduation Fellows will begin January 11, 2021.
  2. What majors can apply?
    Orr Fellows come from all backgrounds and areas of study. Current fellows majored in everything from business to engineering to English literature to chemistry. The Fellowship highly values passion and potential, so go ahead and apply!
  3. May I apply if I didn't go to school in Indiana?
    Short answer: absolutely! While the Fellowship actively recruits in the Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri at this time, it is always looking for talented individuals from any four-year university. If Orr Fellowship sounds like a great fit for you, we highly encourage you to apply.
  4. May I apply if I go to a school in Indiana not represented by current fellows?
    Applicants are happily accepted from all accredited schools. Reach out to us and we will connect you with a specific Fellow who will be a great resource for all of your questions.
  5. What is the recruitment process to become an Orr Fellow?
  6. How will I be placed/matched with my host company?
    Candidates who make it through the initial stages of our recruitment process are asked to complete a second part of the application. Host companies then review the finalists’ application materials and select those they wish to interview based on predicted fit, much like any other hiring situation. On Finalist Day in early November, candidates interview with four or five companies.  The companies rank their top choices (and you rank yours, for use when multiple companies desire the same candidate) and then the pairing of applicants and host companies begin. Offers are extended that weekend.
  7. I have been invited to Finalist Day! Does that mean I will be an Orr Fellow?
    Company interviewing on Finalist Day is the final portion of the annual Orr recruitment process. Candidates must receive an offer from a company in Orr's network in order to become an Orr Fellow. In November 2018, 67% of the candidates at Finalist Day received offers, with a few more receiving offers post-Finalist Day.
  8. Who are these host companies and how are they selected?
    Orr Fellowship host companies are carefully vetted and selected by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The specific host companies selected for each year are announced at the Reception on the Circle (ROTC) in November. Current host companies can be seen here.
  9. How are Orr Fellows paid?
    Each Orr Fellow holds a full-time, salaried position with his or her host company. A Fellow’s host company is responsible for providing the salary and basic benefits, and all Orr Fellows are compensated evenly within each year’s class. The pre-set salary is non-negotiable, but rest assured that Orr Fellows are compensated competitively.
  10. Does Orr Fellowship provide housing?
    Orr Fellowship does not provide housing. It’s common for Orr Fellows to live with other Fellows, and you can find them scattered all over downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple and the neighboring suburbs.
  11. What can I expect to be involved in as an Orr Fellow?
    As an Orr Fellow, you will have the opportunity to network with the top executives in Indianapolis through lunch meetings, exclusive talks, and events such as case competitions and business pitches. Orr Fellows also participate in a meaningful curriculum opportunities that help to expand their skillsets, including personalized certification opportunities, business and leadership courses and workshops, community engagement, and service opportunities. Orr Fellows also tend to spend a lot of time together outside of Fellowship events. You can find more information about how they spend their days in Indy here.
  12. What do Orr Fellows do after their Orr Fellowship experience?
    Some follow their entrepreneurial dreams and start their own companies (often with other Orr Fellows), and end up hiring future Fellows. Most love their experience so much that they negotiate new positions within their same host company. Past Orr Fellows have also found jobs with other host companies and Indianapolis start-ups through networking during their fellowship, while others have sought to continue their education. Masters, PhD and Law programs are just some of the places Orr Fellows have landed. Check in with some of our Fellow Alumni over on the Success Stories.