1. How long does Orr Fellowship last?
    Orr Fellows commit to a full-time, salaried position for two full years with their companies. Spring semester graduation Fellows begin working June and fall semester graduation Fellows begin in January.
  2. What majors can apply?
    Orr Fellows come from all backgrounds and areas of study. Current Fellows majored in everything from business to engineering to computer science to English literature to chemistry. The Fellowship highly values passion and potential, so go ahead and apply!
  3. May I apply if I didn't go to school in Indiana?
    Short answer: absolutely! While the Fellowship actively recruits in Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri at this time, it is always looking for talented individuals from any four-year university. If Orr Fellowship sounds like a great fit for you, we highly encourage you to apply.
  4. May I apply if I go to a school in Indiana not represented by current fellows?
    Applicants are happily accepted from all accredited schools. Reach out to us and we will connect you with a specific Fellow who will be a great resource for all of your questions.
  5. What is the recruitment process to become an Orr Fellow?