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Orr Fellowship Application - Closed

Thank you for your interest in Orr Fellowship! The application is currently closed. Applications for the Class of 2025 will open in August 2024. Stay in contact with Orr by submitting your information below.


Preparing for Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellows are hired full-time in a variety of job functions, ranging from Marketing to Engineering to Consulting, Sales, and many more. These roles span across a variety of industries from small start-ups to enterprise-level global organizations. In addition to full-time employment with an Orr Fellow Partner Company, Orr Fellows participate in a unique curriculum geared towards leadership, learning, and development designed to both challenge and propel them toward a career of excellence. Outside of their full-time roles, additional development opportunities might include personal finance workshops, business leader speaker series, non-profit consulting projects, career coaching, and pitch competitions. In addition, Fellows benefit from being a part of a community of 150+ Orr Fellow peers who are also working in their first professional post-grad work opportunities, living in Indy, and are taking advantage of the many social and continued learning events Orr Fellowship organizes. Access to a robust network of over 500+ Orr Fellowship Alumni who have participated in and completed the program is also a value add! 

All candidates must meet the minimum qualifications to be considered for Orr Fellowship:

-Cumulative 3.2 GPA or higher*

-Strong interest in leadership or entrepreneurship

-Demonstrated leadership and/or impactful experiences (work study, family obligations, community involvement, running a business, volunteerism, etc.)

-An expected graduation of either August 2023, December 2023, or May 2024

-Authorization to work in the United States, without the need of sponsorship or work visa at any point now or in the future.

-If accepted, all Orr Fellows must live in Indianapolis for their 2 year Fellowship.

*We will review resumes of all applicants with a 2.5 GPA or higher- Candidates with a 2.5-3.19 may have an additional follow up step in the recruitment process 

Year 1: Each Fellow shall receive an annual starting salary of $53,000

Year 2: Assuming positive performance, a salary increase to a minimum of $55,000 will start in year two of employment

Stage 1: Application

Stage 2: Board Member Interview

Stage 3: Re-application

Stage 4: Finalist Day

October 5-6: Interview Invites

October 19-20: Re-application & Reception on the Circle Invites

November 9-10: Finalist Day Invites

We 💙 Recruitment Season!​

Orr Fellow Life

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Experiential Leadership


Launch your career in a full-time, salaried position at one of Orr Fellowship’s vetted Partner Companies where you’ll work for two years.



Transition out of college surrounded by peers who are also early in their career development working and living in Greater Indianapolis. Build strong, lasting professional networks with peers, colleagues, alumni, and civic partners.


Continued Learning

Engage with a variety of career enhancing programming including a customized leadership development course designed exclusively for Orr Fellowship.

Continued Learning


What does it look like to commit to Orr Fellowship for two years?
  • Maximizing your potential at your Partner Company by showing initiative and thoughtfully embracing challenges big and small
  • Welcoming Orr Fellow tradition, growth opportunities, group activities, and collaborative presence in Indianapolis with open arms
  • Sharing your experience with the incoming cohort of Orr Fellows throughout recruitment season