Adventures in Indy: Football, Fitness, and Food

Written by: Sidney Hill-Kartel

Something that makes Orr Fellowship unique are the extra experiences fellows have access to. These activities aren’t planned with a specific goal or agenda in mind. Rather, they chew at one of our core values: Community. 

The Oxford dictionary defines community as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” If you ask a group of fellows why they applied and chose Orr Fellowship, the answers will vary from “I didn’t know what I wanted to do after school,” “I was excited about the career jumpstart,” “I knew the post-grad transition could be difficult and I wanted to be supported” and so much more. When you boil it down, we are all just looking for a place to call home; a sense of community.

Below is a glimpse into more Fellowship Fun – the activities that make our cohorts into communities.


For a recent quarterly social, fellows had the opportunity to hold the United States Flag before the kickoff of a Colt’s game. Being on the field was a memorable experience for all involved as they stood under the lights and heard the cheer of the crowd. Following the start of the game, fellows had tickets to casually mingle over the roaring crowd and cheer on our home team.


Last year, two fellows, Lara Kornblut and Sarah Kolczak, launched a Wellness Team and their first initiative was a summer sweat series. As the name implies, this muli-month programming covered a wheelhouse of exercise and fitness activities (yoga, crossfit, and a 5K are just a few!)

We are proud to announce that this series is continuing. Fitness is a great way to gather a group with the shared goal of trying your best and having fun. This summer, the Wellness team coordinated another jam-packed schedule: climbing, hot pilates, slow flow yoga, HIIT, and more. It is never a dull moment. 


Fellows have an infectious way of crafting acronyms; before you know it the puns and word-play have twisted into a crowd-specific vernacular. Our first-year fellows recently coined the term FLOFOs (Food Loving Orr Fellows). 

With a rotating location, once a month fellows gather in someone’s home to bond over (a love for) food. This informal gathering brings a sense of calmness to our wild weeks. The conversations are always riveting, hearing about how others have spent the first half of their weekends amidst winding up for another week of activities. 

Reflecting on these experiences makes me grateful for all the hard work and creativity fellows put into crafting these unique experiences. We hope you enjoyed learning about the breadth and depth that all Orr Fellowship has to offer!