Continuing to Connect with Indy Neighbors Through Nonprofit Consulting

Orr Fellowship is a gateway into strategic roles at strong-performing companies, a community you can rely on to navigate post-college life, a two-year journey of personalized career development, and a chance to impact Indianapolis. With the Community Engagement team leading the charge, the Nonprofit Consulting Program continues to be a beloved way for fellows to impact the city that Orr calls home by supporting local mission-driven organizations. As fellows and partners await the launch of the next round of Nonprofit Consulting projects later this week, let’s do a deep dive into our projects from earlier this year. 

AthLead Indy

AthLeady Indy is a track and field club that uses the sport as a channel for children to develop as leaders in their community. Its mission is to enact community change through the youth of Indianapolis. Fellows worked thoroughly on its website and social media to draft a strategy to increase donor activation.

Consulting Team: Kenny Coleman, Sandy Sledge, Kyle Callahan, Kyle Mettler

Make Your Own Ball Day

Make Your Own Ball Day (MYOBD) uses a ball to inspire kids to be thankful, discover new perspectives, and give back. Fellows worked on a project for its Girls FC Leadership Workshop. Its goal is to establish long-term, impactful relationships with underprivileged youth to connect, empower, and educate through sports. With this in mind, fellows created the workshop curriculum from scratch, including thoughtful exercises, writing prompts, and facilitator workbooks.

Consulting Team: Claire Williams Amelia Wright, Kendall Fahey, Eliana Sanchez, Jaqui Fernandez, Annah Van Gheem

1000 Words Art Gallery

1000 Words is the first and only smArt gallery in Indianapolis—the perfect place for collective thinkers. Fellows researched and connected with experts in the community to recommend a sustainable business model that kept Indianapolis artists at the center. The group also proposed potential community and university partnerships that could increase foot traffic to the gallery.

Consulting Team: Jean-Marc Duong, Lauren Kenny, Daniela Cervantes, Olivia Carrier, Ally Low

Diabetes Will’s Way

Diabetes Will’s Way (DWW) provides grants to young people in the U.S. who have Type 1 Diabetes and cannot afford their monthly prescribed medicines. Orr Fellows got experience in the Talent Acquisition side of the organization by developing job descriptions and implementing new hiring sources to attract top candidates aligned with its mission.

Consulting Team: Trey Wolverton, Olivia Pletcher, Elise Boessler, Kurt Weinburg, Lauren (King) Shoemaker

Two-Fold Impact

The impact of the Nonprofit Consulting Program is two-fold. While it allows fellows to put their entrepreneurial skills to use, they also find purpose and connection in elevating a community and mission that is important to them.

Even after the projects finish, fellows continue to have opportunities to stay involved with their organizations.  Fellows continue to promote shows and workshops at the 1000 Words Art Gallery and a handful now serve as coaches with AthLead Indy. With an undeniable ability to deliver good work, fellows have also been asked to join one of the client’s board of directors and have also been invited to implement their solution internationally.

On the Horizon

Orr Fellowship cannot wait to kick off our next round of projects with Starfish Initiative, Girls are L.I.T., and Heart and Soul Clinic. For a sneak peak into the festivities, take a look at the last Draft Night and read up on our upcoming projects below:

Starfish Initiative’s mission is “To inspire, encourage, and prepare motivated high school students from the most vulnerable populations for college, career, and life success through one-on-one mentoring.” Girls Are L.I.T. aims to promote the learning of leadership and technology skills for girls and women to make a significant impact in the world of STEM. Heart and Soul Free Clinic’s mission is “To provide highest quality healthcare to our uninsured and underinsured neighbors in Central Indiana regardless of their social, cultural, and economic status.”

Orr Fellowship is honored to be entrusted by these organizations to support their current initiatives and excited by the opportunity to engage with the Indy community. We encourage you to check back in a few months to read the latest on these projects.

Connect with Us

If you want to partner with us in the future, please connect with Nick Roethlein, Director of Community Engagement. We look forward to growing your company and impacting the Indianapolis community with you!