Kenny Coleman

Kenny Coleman

Year: 2022

University: Wabash College

Major: Rhetoric

Partner Company: Genesys

Genesys specializes in reshaping how companies and corporations provide services for their customers through the creation of customer service experiences. At Genesys, I help with the internal and executive communications team to help with supporting executives of the company while also fine-tuning the ways Genesys communicates internally. Not only do I have the opportunity to use what I learned in college, but I also get to be part of a company effort to prioritize empathy and create the best experience for each customer our products interact with. Outside of Genesys and the Orr Fellowship, I consume my time reading (most likely nonfiction), going to the gym or watching TV with my roommate. If you want to know the fastest way to my heart, ask if I want to go get some chicken wings.

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