#yOrrStory: Lem Turner: Leading to Make an Impact

After growing up in Vernon Hills, IL, second-year Orr Fellow, Lem Turner attended college at Ball State where he majored in Marketing and Sports Administration. During his senior year, a trusted professor and mentor recommended Orr Fellowship and encouraged him to apply. After applying, Lem said that his decision was a “no brainer.” With each phase of the interview process, he became more excited about the opportunities that Orr Fellowship could offer. 

The supportive Orr Fellowship community was one of the most compelling aspects. What other jobs could provide a network of 130 recent graduates to learn and grow with? Lem felt like he would have a sense of security while simultaneously stepping out of his comfort zone.

One year in, Lem has been able to make an impact on Orr Fellowship’s community. He was elected by Orr Fellowship peers and staff to lead the Diversity and Inclusion Team. His efforts have redefined and challenged how Fellows recruit and think about the world. Through workshops and information sessions, Fellows have learned to acknowledge biases, strive to become better allies each day and continue to evolve in many ways. The Fellowship has been lucky to have Lem’s leadership as we work to develop this team.

Through Orr Fellowship, Lem has discovered that he thrives when he surrounds himself with driven and motivated people. Working and learning with a group who seek to make an impact on the world is refreshing and motivating. Lem launched our #yOrrStory initiative in 2019 with the hopes that each of the unique stories and personalities within the Fellowship could be shared.

When asked what advice he has for incoming Fellows he said, it is not about what you study in school, your success outside of college is defined by your work ethic and grit. This is especially true for Lem during his time at SupplyKick where he went from Customer Relations Specialist to Amazon Advertising Specialist in less than a year with no prior experience in the field. With Lem’s mentality, anything can be accomplished!

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