#yOrrStory: Discovering What Post-Grad Life Means

The daunting post-graduate question: “What do I do next?” 

So many people begin to ask us this question – our professors, advisors, family, friends, then ourselves

As a double major in Political Science and Communication studies at St. Mary’s, Maura Newell obtained a wide variety of skills that she could take with her upon graduation. There are always options, just narrowing down to the right one can be difficult. 

And like we have all done before, Maura asked herself, “What will I do with my life?” Soon after she asked herself this question, she learned about Orr Fellowship.

At first, she hesitated. From the East Coast, Maura was unsure if she wanted to stay in the Midwest post-grad away from home and family. Yet, as she progressed throughout the recruitment process, she realized that there was something about staying in the midwest that felt right. 

Feeling uncertain about her career path, she valued the fact that Orr Fellowship paired candidates with companies and that there would be a community alongside her. 

Today, Maura works in the Virtual Healthcare and COVID Command Center at IU Health. Her work has ensured virtual care is provided to patients during the pandemic. Maura would have never entered the healthcare industry without Orr Fellowship and now this where she hopes her career will continue. Sometimes the right opportunity just finds you. 

On top of her impact at IU Health, Maura has served as Chief of Staff for Orr Fellowship. She leads the Fellow Leadership Team and works closely with the organization’s board and staff members to ensure success across the Fellowship. 

Maura realized that there are some things about post-grad life that go unplanned or are maybe not initially seen as a vital option. With joining Orr Fellowship, Maura realized there is more to learn than outside of your career. 

She loves learning something new every single day from the Fellows in her network. “There are not many organizations where you could grab coffee with anyone and leave feeling energized and motivated.” She has since dedicated herself to meeting with countless Fellows each week in an effort to make connections with the entire Fellowship. 

During her first year post-grad, Maura has been able to learn so much. From actively discovering what she wants from a career, uncovering her motivations, and understanding where she thrives, Maura is a perfect example of how to make the most out of your Orr Fellowship experience and we are thankful to have her.

Thank you, Maura, for sharing #yOrrStory!