Who? What? Why? 10 Fun Facts About Orr Fellowship

Think you know everything about Orr Fellowship? Or have you never heard of it? Test your knowledge or learn something new by checking out these Orr Fellowship fun facts.

  1. Orr Fellowship started as 10 fellows working at Angie’s List. Now, the fellowship consists of over 100 fellows from over 70 Indianapolis based companies.
  2. Orr Fellowship alumni work across 73 different industries at 273 companies. 
  3. One year after graduation from the program, an estimated 72% of alumni choose to stay in Indiana. 
  4. The average fellow salary one year after graduation from the fellowship  is 60% higher than the average salary of an Indiana citizen at $85,778 a year.
  5. Once a month, current fellows participate in a program called Donut Buddies, where they meet new people in the fellowship by exploring coffee shops across Indianapolis. 
  6. During their time in Orr, Fellows are able to join clubs such as brunch club, book club, and good food club. 
  7. Orr Fellowship has a 15 person board made up of influential business leaders and professionals who value the fellowship and its mission. 
  8. Orr Fellowship is primarily fellow-led, meaning everyone has the opportunity to become involved in the program and hold leadership positions. 
  9. Fellows are offered yearly stipends that can be used for continued learning purposes that align with their individual interests.  
  10. The MentORR program connects current fellows to one of Orr Fellowship’s 500 fellow alumni, spread all across the country and beyond. 

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