The Learning Curve: How (and Why) You Should Keep Learning as a Young Professional

Kasey Woomer

Kasey Woomer 6/19/2017 10:39
Host Company: Studio Science

You may believe that the best years of your education will end once your undergrad experience is over.  However, we were surprised to learn just how influential, and educational life could be (and should be) as a young professional.  We have found that Orr Fellows often learn more about themselves, their habits, and their values after graduation than they ever thought would be possible. Of course, this doesn’t just happen without being intentional about it, so we give some of our best practices for continued learning below:

Make your learning strategic, and experiential: While on the job, it’s imperative that you soak up as much  information as possible.  Of course, nobody can learn, and remember everything, so, you must be strategic about how, and what you will learn. In the well-known 70-20-10 learning model, seventy percent of your learning should be active, on-the-job learning, while twenty percent should be learned from mentors and coaches  and ten percent should fall into the traditional view of learning: taking classes, reading, and researching. Basically, most of your learning should come from experiences, supplemented with taking the time to learn from mentors, research, and classes.

Enhance your skills: Utilize your free time! There are an unbelievable amount of certifications, workshops, and conferences out there to help build your skills and propel our careers.  At Orr Fellowship, we connect our fellows directly with opportunities for skills enhancements.  Orr Fellowship offers seminars, workshops and speakers exclusively for our fellows, and Orr even offer stipends for continued learning.  Orr Fellowship knows that it’s important to keep developing your skills so you can stay competitive in the job market.

Crack Open a Book: It’s likely that you learned incredibly effective reading skills in college,  so why lose that skill? One of best ways to stay sharp about business, and your favorite topics is by reading. Learn about different perspectives, and give yourself a great foundation for faster workplace development.  Plus, it makes you way more interesting to talk to.  We suggest picking up Grit, Never Eat Alone, DRiVE, and The Power of Habit.

What are you doing to continue your education and learning after you’ve finished school? Learning can be as simple as keeping your mind sharp with trying new experiences, subscribing to newsletters for professional development like The Muse or the latest news like theSkimm and taking classes through websites such as edX, Udemy, or Skillshare.

Learning never stops, so you shouldn’t either!

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