Social Spotlight: The Greatest Spectacle in Non-Profit Collaboration

Jennifer Montgomery 7/27/2017 8:52

Host Company: MOBI Wireless Management

“Start…your…impact!” That was the popular phrase being heard at this past weekend’s Indianapolis 500 themed inaugural gathering between Orr Fellows and Teach For America corps members at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The two ambitious groups joined together to compete in “The Greatest Spectacle in Non-Profit Racing” where they were split into teams in order to navigate the city of Indianapolis and complete tasks in various places around Downtown.

Orr Fellows Eddie Cmehil and Daniel Purvlicis teamed up with TFA leaders Emily Gehr and Kyle Bender to plan the day’s events. The day began with lunch, team assignments and conversations about what Orr and TFA were doing to help Indy grow. Over lunch, Mark Hill– Orr Fellowship Board member and TFA chairman–  spoke about the importance of service to the community and how the synergy of Orr Fellowship and TFA  will lead to the betterment of Indianapolis. Following Hill, the crowd heard from Amar Patel, Executive Director of TFA Indianapolis, and Karyn Smitson, Orr Fellowship Executive Director who spoke about Indianapolis, and that when Orr Fellows and TFA corps members collaborate, each organization will make a bigger impact than they could have alone.

Afterwards, the main event began!  Everyone was split into teams, and were given 8 Indianapolis locations and team-building tasks at each location. Locations included the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Indy Reads Bookstore, the Steps of the Indiana Statehouse, and more.  At each location, the teams would complete fun and unique tasks, while racing around the city. Fellows and TFA members got to visit some of the most impactful spots in Indy in a fast and fun way.

Finally, the day culminated at Metazoa Brewing Company, where the teams were given food, and drinks and the winners were announced and given their gift card prizes. “The Greatest Spectacle in Non-Profit Racing” had a great first running, and we know it will lead to a more cohesive, and exciting working relationship between Orr Fellowship and TFA.