Meet the 2023 Fellow Leadership Team

One of the many opportunities Fellows have as part of Orr Fellowship is the chance to run for positions on the Fellow Leadership Team (FLT). 

On February 2, nominated Fellows took the floor to explain their visions for Orr Fellowship and plans for effectively executing its mission. At the end of the day, seven new leaders were elected. 

The 2023 FLT is passionate, full of inspiring ideas, and ready to lead the next class of Orr Fellows. Get to know them better and see what they have in store for Orr Fellowship below:

Chief of Staff: Claire Baney

 Orr Fellowship Partner Company & Title: Folia, Operations

Alma Mater & Major: Purdue University, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Communication

Hometown: Fishers, IN

Favorite thing about Orr:

It has definitely been the community. I have this great network of people and friends. I think it’s a really cool way to start jobs, and I think the Orr community offers support for people transitioning from college.

Favorite thing about Indianapolis:

It’s so beautiful to get to experience the place that you’re from from a different perspective at a different time in your life living in a different neighborhood. I love that people here are really intentional about trying to grow the city and make it better. 

The impact you’re hoping to make as a member of FLT:

I want to continue to foster meaningful relationship building across all of our departments. We should be lifting people up and taking care of people through Orr. I want to make sure that we are intentional in giving Fellows agency over their experience. 

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received:

The loudest voice in the room isn’t always the smartest. 

Director of Recruitment: Olivia Carrier

Orr Fellowship Partner Company & Title: Haven Technologies, Marketing Specialist 

Alma Mater & Major: Indiana University, Public Relations major and Psychology, Music minors

Hometown: Noblesville, IN

Favorite thing about Orr

My favorite thing about Orr is the people. Although I’m not a student anymore, I still feel like I’m part of a student organization. There’s so many official and non-official events that bring us together. It’s made transitioning into adulthood much easier than I anticipated. 

Favorite thing about Indianapolis:

I can go on and on about why I love Indianapolis, but the Indy 500 has to be top of that list. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, and it makes me a proud Hoosier to say our state hosts this amazing spectacle. 

The impact you’re hoping to make as a member of FLT:

I’m hoping to influence Orr brand awareness in Indy and at universities. When we invest our time and money into earning recognition and media coverage, it will make recruitment a smoother process.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received:

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Director of Fellow and Alumni Engagement: Emma Ryan

Orr Fellowship Partner Company & Title: High Alpha, Marketing Coordinator

Alma Mater & Major: Butler University, Marketing, Finance

Hometown: Newburgh, IN

Favorite thing about Orr: 

The friends that have quickly become family. Orr Fellowship often feels like one big family. We support each other in both good and bad times, are each other’s number one advocates, and spend a heck of a lot of time together. I wouldn’t trade this family for the world.

Favorite thing about Indianapolis:

How uncommonly exciting Indianapolis is. It’s easy to think about Indianapolis as a flyover city, but it’s so much more. From nightlife to the extraordinary food scene to its impressive tech scene, Indianapolis is full of the most interesting and driven people you’ll ever meet. 

The impact you’re hoping to make as a member of FLT:

While we have planned some remarkable events, we could use a repeatable, standardized process. To continue hosting the number and caliber of events, we need infrastructure to capture attendee data, attendee feedback, venue outreach, etc. We’ll thank ourselves later when it takes half the time to plan an event. 

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received

One of my favorite pieces of advice comes from Derek Sivers, he says, “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!” 

Director of Continued Learning: Erika Marchant

Orr Fellowship Partner Company & Title: eimagine, Associate Business Analyst 

Alma Mater & Major: DePauw University, Chinese Studies

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Favorite thing about Orr:

The community. There has really been no shortage of amazing people to spend time with through both formal and informal Orr events. My adjustment to life post-graduation has been made exponentially richer by those I’ve met. I constantly feel both inspired and uplifted by everyone around me.

Favorite thing about Indianapolis:  

Living near Broad Ripple, I’ve taken every chance I get to enjoy running, walking, and biking on the Monon. Meandering around Marott Park Woods Nature Preserve next to the trail is my favorite local outdoor activity. I also love the Indianapolis Art Center, which hosts art classes, features local artists of all mediums and skill levels, and offers a great library to work from.

The impact you’re hoping to make as a member of FLT:

One change I’m hoping to make as incoming Director of Continued Learning is to fine tune programming to build Fellows’ confidence both personally and professionally. I see opportunity for the curriculum to not only prepare fellows for success in the workplace, but to support our ability to move confidently in the direction of our long-term career and life goals. 

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received:

My college advisor would often say that “luck favors the prepared.” Another adage I love is “Smile big and the world will smile right alongside you.” A sweet message from the children’s book Stand Tall by Molly Lou Melon.

Director of Community Engagement: Nick Roethlein

Orr Fellowship Partner Company & Title: Innovatemap, Product Marketer

Alma Mater & Major: Ohio State University, Marketing

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite thing about Orr:

The community of truly amazing people. It’s beyond energizing to be surrounded by like-minded, driven, and just genuinely nice people.  

Favorite thing about Indy:

Going to the Indians minor league games – which, funny enough, was actually the first thing I did when I moved here. I dropped off my bags in my apartment, and then, my roommates and I walked over to the field and hung-out in the sun, ate $1 hot dogs, and enjoyed the game.

The impact you’re hoping to make as a member of FLT:

Here at Orr, we’ve done an incredible job becoming synonymous with business leadership, but I want to extend that to leadership within the community by helping propel organizations that are already doing amazing and impactful work. 

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received:

As of recently, the piece of advice that I think about most often is “Things take time. You won’t get there overnight, but we can’t become who we want to be by staying who we are, so get moving.”

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Eliana Sanchez

Orr Fellowship Partner Company & Title: Heritage Interactive Services, Environmental Specialist

Alma Mater & Major: Saint Mary’s College, Psychology, Environmental Studies 

Hometown: Hammond, IN

Favorite thing about Orr:

My favorite thing about Orr is the relationships created between Fellows. We’re fortunate to be in an intentional community of young professionals that are going through an important transitional period of our lives. 

Favorite thing about Indianapolis: 

 I really enjoy going to different coffee shops around town.

 The impact you’re hoping to make as a member of FLT:

 One thing I’d like to focus on is our current sense of community, and improving it not only within our Orr partner companies, but the Fellowship as well. There are many steps initiated towards making our spaces as inclusive as possible, and I’d like to continue that work to make sure Fellow voices are heard. 

 Best piece of advice you’ve received:

 20’s are for learning, 30’s are for earning. 

 Director of Marketing: Kendall Jordan 

Orr Fellowship Partner Company & Title: Roche, Sales Training Coordinator

Alma Mater & Major: Butler University, Marketing

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI

 Favorite thing about Orr:

The people and the community we have built. I am constantly inspired by how creative, ambitious, and intelligent Fellows are. I love learning from and being challenged by Fellows to be the best version of myself.

 Favorite thing about Indianapolis:

Again, the community is my favorite thing about Indy. I love how everyone seems to be connected in some capacity, especially since we are navigating the transition out of the college environment into our professional careers. 

 The impact you’re hoping to make as a member of FLT:

I would love to document and share more stories from our Fellows, alumni, and partners. Our personal experiences and relationships are some of the biggest assets we have in building our presence and sharing the value of Orr Fellowship.

 Best piece of advice you’ve ever received:

 Be the change you want to see in the world.

 We can’t wait to see what the new FLT has in store, and we are grateful for all of the hard work FLT 2022 has put in to continue improving Orr Fellowship. FLT members will be transitioning throughout March and officially take on their positions in April.