Indy’s Music Scene: A Music LovORR’s Dream

“Music is meant to be enjoyed live, together,” Lewis Del Mar on a Thursday evening at the HI-FI.

*Insert cliche about how music has always been important in my life* The funny thing about cliches is, they’re true. Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved listening to live music regardless of whether or not I recognized the lyrics. Maybe that’s because I grew up playing the violin or performing in a show choir. Maybe it is the reason why I worked for a radio station throughout college. For me, music is a comfort and an outlet. A way to ground myself in the moment. A way to connect with the people around me. Enjoying live music is one of my favorite pastimes and these Indianapolis venues are some of my favorite places to do exactly that.

HI-FI Indy & HI-FI Annex

The small but mighty HI-FI venue hosts a variety of artists almost any day of the week. Located in Fountain Square, the 400-person indoor space is coupled with an outdoor lot (HI-FI Annex) to allow for larger crowds. Regardless of where you find yourself, the sound quality is well-engineered and there’s no worry of excessive ticket fees.

The Vogue Theater

The Vogue has evolved into a beloved music space in Broad Ripple that has hosted performers like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snoop Dogg, and Tyler Childers. Its unique infrastructure as a retired cinema provides multiple angles and levels that give you a clear view of the stage. You’re bound to recognize a name or two in a list of their upcoming shows, but don’t skip out on the local sounds! Some of the Midwest’s best cover bands can be heard here too.

Egyptian Room at Old National Centre

In the Egyptian room, you are just as likely to see your favorite band perform as an opening act as you are to see them on a farewell tour. Artists on either side of their peak perform in this 2,000-person, standing-room only venue. Whether you are watching them before they got big, or as one last hurrah, it’s guaranteed to be another historical night in one of the city’s oldest venues. 

TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park

There’s nothing quite like a summer night at TCU Amphitheater. Located on the edge of downtown Indy, you have options of general admission seating on the lawn or pavilion seating closer to the stage. TCU Amphitheater books top-tier talent in genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Classic Rock for its crowd of 7,000 attendees.

SoFar Sounds

If your Spotify music personality was “The Adventurer” or you have an “eclectic” taste, SoFar Sounds might be your favorite type of concert. This organization provides a unique opportunity to discover new artists beyond your “Discover Weekly.” You start by picking a date for a show in Indianapolis or other SoFar cities. The address of the event and other key details will be shared with you the day before and you’ll learn who the artists are when they take the stage.

While some concerts can be tainted by nosebleed seats, that annoyingly tall person in front of you, and even shoddy acoustics, you never have to worry about that in these local music hotspots. Indy is home to a variety of intimate venues that make you feel like you’ve always got the best seat in the house. So grab a friend, a partner, or a coworker and enjoy the music. Live, together…as it’s meant to be.