How I Got Here: Sydney Meyer

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I always thought Chicago would be the city where I would find my first job. In August of my senior year at the University of Dayton, I was absorbed in everything that senior year of college brings: I was committed to my role as my business fraternity’s CFO, working part-time as an intern for ACCO Brands, and trying to keep up with my classes (without succumbing to senioritis). A job after graduation was obviously on my mind, but I was not expecting a post-grad opportunity quite like Orr Fellowship to come my way. 

I heard about Orr Fellowship from a now second-year fellow from UD, who ironically was my business fraternity’s CFO before I was. He told me that Orr provides two years of professional growth opportunities, ways to get involved within the organization and Indianapolis community, plus an expansive network of peers, coworkers, and mentors. Like our business fraternity, he expressed that the awesome, like-minded people that Orr would introduce me to would become great friends. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to begin my career.

After interviewing with four companies at Finalist Day, I was offered a position at CleanSlate Technology Group, a technology consulting firm. I’m currently working in marketing at CleanSlate on a team of two people. Working for a small company on a small team brings a new set of experiences and challenges that I have never encountered before. However, I have had access to incredible support from other fellows who are experiencing or have been in a similar position as me. They gave me the best advice on how I can take the initiative to create value for CleanSlate through marketing. I’m amazed by how much being a part of Orr has helped me professionally. 

My journey to becoming an Orr Fellow has made me more confident in taking risks. I currently live in downtown Indianapolis with another first-year Fellow, I have accepted positions on teams within Orr, and I have had the opportunity to experience and join the amazing community that is Orr Fellowship. I have already gained so much in my first two months, and I am excited to see what the rest of my time in the Fellowship brings and how this strong foundation will help me to navigate through my future professional life.