Fellows Give Back at Hamilton County Humane Society

One of my favorite things about the Fellowship is being so close with a group of people who have such a huge variety of passions. From book club to Toastmasters to fitness challenges, there is no shortage of ways to get involved, and no shortage of fellows who are excited to jump in.

When part of the client services team at my company, PolicyStat, went to volunteer at the Humane Society for Hamilton County, they could not stop talking about how much help they were able to provide. They organized supplies and even built shelving units to make storage easier. They loved the time they spent there and that they were able to volunteer as a team.

I am one of many animal lovers in the Fellowship, and immediately wanted to get my friends involved. We organized a day to volunteer in two groups of ten at the same Humane Society my colleagues had gone to. The Humane Society for Hamilton County is Indiana’s only open admission, truly no-kill animal shelter. They offer resources to help with behavioral training in cats and dogs, as well as programs for veterans, injured animals, seniors, and a pitbull program to end breed discrimination. They even offer free barn cats, as those cats would be particularly uncomfortable in a shelter.

Some of the volunteering the shelter really needs has nothing to do with animals, but is just as impactful. During our time at the Humane Society, we cleaned the offices, conference room, and break room of the humans who dedicate so much of their time to animals in need. We also cleaned dog toys and crates, and of course spent a little bit of time visiting with the cats and dogs waiting to find homes.

We were privileged to be able to dedicate just a few hours of our time to animals in need. We all walked away feeling grateful (and a few of us almost walked away with new furry friends). There are multiple ways to give back to the Humane Society for Hamilton county: volunteering, donating, and fostering are a few options. You can find more information on how to get involved here: http://www.hamiltonhumane.com/. If you would like to volunteer in a group like we did, contact volunteer manager Jennifer Atkinson at volunteers@hamiltonhumane.com. And of course, you can always adopt!

Thanks to the Humane Society for Hamilton County for having us, and for doing great work. We look forward to helping out again in the future!

By Sarah Burtenshaw