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Orr Fellowship is the ultimate 
post‑grad experience.

Fellows are recruited from the top seniors at universities in Indiana and other states, with an average acceptance rate of 6%. Converging in Indianapolis, these talented graduates join vibrant companies in positions that create a foundation for career success. Orr Fellowship seeks to recruit talented and energized graduates. If you are a life-long learner and crave a dynamic start to your career, here’s your opportunity!

Applicants must have a cumulative 3.2 GPA or higher

Strong interest in entrepreneurial business or organizational leadership

Demonstrated leadership on or off campus and/or impactful experience

An expected graduation in either December 2020 or May 2021 with one or more undergraduate majors

Orr Fellows are selected from a competitive application pool of more than 1,200 applicants.

Here's how it works:


Whether you’re curious about the Fellowship or already sold on it, submit an application to give yourself the opportunity to be considered for Orr Fellowship. It’s short and sweet. Just click here. Applications are accepted August 1, 2020 through Tuesday, September 29, 2020.


Check out your school’s career fair(s) to meet current Orr Fellows and learn about the program. Whether you just want to introduce yourself or delve into the details, we’re always eager to chat. While we're on campus, we also make a variety of classroom visits, so don't be surprised if we appear in yours.


FORRums are invitation-only events held on several campuses with the purpose of providing face time with current Orr Fellows and more in-depth information about the Fellowship. Why attend? It gives you a chance to ask questions, meet your potential peers, and hear from an Orr Board member or the Executive Director about the Orr experience.


Following application review and your school's fORRum, you may receive an invitation to interview. The interview is conducted by a current Orr Board member or Orr staff member (see executive leadership) and usually lasts around 30 minutes. Be prepared to highlight your experiences and the reasons you would make a great Orr Fellow!


Following interviews, selected candidates will attend the mandatory Reception on the Circle. This is an evening event held in downtown Indianapolis (this year on October 29, 2020) that gives you a chance to interact with other candidates, all current Orr Fellows, Orr Board members, and the Orr staff. The list of host companies for the upcoming year and final application steps are revealed at this event.


The culmination of the recruitment process is Finalist Day—an electric all-day event (this year, November 13, 2020) where each candidate has the opportunity to interview with four or five host companies. Shortly after Finalist Day, candidates are notified if they have received an offer from a host company and are thus accepted into Orr Fellowship.

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