A Day in the Life of a Fellow: Trevor DeWitt

Trevor DeWitt starts his day like many other 20-somethings. With an alarm buzzing at 6 am that he promptly snoozes because the workout that sounded so good the night before now seems too early. Trevor is currently Orr Chief of Staff and although sleeping in is wonderful, sometimes he powers through an early alarm to make it to a Fellow Leadership Team  meeting at 6:30 AM. Many busy schedules mean that sometimes it is hard for the Leadership team to meet in the PM hours. If he doesn’t have a morning meeting, 7:30 am is when Trevor normally gets his day started. “Alexa” helps Trevor figure out what to wear, based on the weather report, and provides a flash briefing of the news. When he has sufficient time, he indulges in a full scrambled egg breakfast (3 egg whites, 2 whole eggs) and an English muffin with peanut butter and jelly.

Around 8:30 am Trevor jumps in his car and is on his way to Genesys, formerly known as Interactive Intelligence. If he didn’t have time for eggs at home it is a greek yogurt in the car while he tunes into his favorite podcast, “Pardon my Take.” After getting to work it is time to check up on emails, read the daily news, and get into his work. Trevor is currently working as a Sales Operations Analyst at Genesys. Not so fun fact, Trevor maintains five email accounts. Daily, he can be found toggling through his work, Orr, personal, Orr Admin, and Warfleigh Dads’ Club (more to come later on dads’ club) email accounts. Throughout the day, Trevor is usually sipping on a cup of coffee to keep him going. Like many of us, by 11 am, Trevor is already thinking about lunchtime.

Most days Trevor and the other Genesys Orr Fellows grab lunch together around noon. Conversation usually revolves around food, upcoming events, work projects, and giving each other a hard time. There is also a track around Genesys’ Indianapolis campus where Trevor occasionally enjoys a post-meal stroll around the track.

After lunch the afternoon consists of spending time on his work. There are always a few breaks scattered throughout the day for some of his favorite pastimes. He checks his stock portfolio, does some online shopping, and even sneaks in a phone call with Orr Fellowship’s one and only Executive Director, Karyn Smitson. Most days for his afternoon pickmeup, he opts for a Cherry Coke or cold brew coffee.

By 5 pm, Trevor is ready to call it a day at Genesys and is off to one of his many Orr meetings. These meetings range from Leadership team, Community Service Events, Alumni Socials, and even committee meetings. Trevor lives and breathes by his Google calendar which helps him keep track of his hectic schedule. Trevor is very involved with Orr and does his best to make it to as many events as possible while maintaining balance in his personal life. On his way to each meeting or event, Trevor likes to blast EDM music to “get hyped” for the occasion ahead of him. In addition to EDM, he also enjoys country music, rap, and jazz.

Around 9 pm, it’s finally time for that missed morning workout. Trevor is a big fan of weight lifting. By 10 pm, it is time to head home to his infamous Broad Ripple home, Warfleigh Dads’ Club. Warfleigh is the name of the neighborhood housing Trevor and his roommates (also Orr Fellows). The group of Fellows have affectionately named themselves the Warfleigh Dads’ Club due to the neighborhood and dad-like interests (the reason for the email account). Trevor and his roommates end their night by swapping jokes, listening to music, and winding down with some mischief. On the odd chance there isn’t an Orr event in the evening, Trevor likes to cook up steak dinners with asparagus to enjoy with a glass of Cab or Pinot Noir.

In addition to his busy schedule, Trevor tries to find time for his other hobbies. He really enjoys “the idea of reading books,” golf, Purdue sports, Maxine’s chicken and waffles (an amazing chicken place downtown), baseball caps and sneakers, smart tech, investments, afternoon tea, and listening to a few records over a glass of whiskey. He also highly recommends the @coffeedad Twitter handle. He said he really relates with the musings of @coffeedad and if you want to learn more about Trevor, you can follow him at @tdewitt7 on Twitter.

By Kendell Caracciolo