How to Navigate Reception on the Circle

You have made it through the application and interview with an Orr Fellowship Board Member. Congratulations! It is now time for one of the best and most exciting parts in Orr Fellowship’s recruitment process: Reception on the Circle (ROTC). This flagship event serves as the Enrichment part of the Re-Application stage where candidates are invited to a networking reception in downtown Indianapolis. ROTC is a highly encouraged event for candidates to attend, but it is not mandatory to continue on in the recruitment process. 

You are likely feeling a lot of different emotions: proud of yourself for making it to this stage in the process (which you should be!), excited to head to downtown Indianapolis for this prestigious event or attend virtually, and, quite obviously, very nervous. All of these are perfectly normal, and I can guarantee that almost every current Fellow experienced a combination of all three. In order to ease some of your nerves, I have created a list of four tips to help you best prepare for ROTC.

  1. Connect with Orr Fellows prior to the event

One of the best things about ROTC is getting to network with all 150 Orr Fellows. As awesome as this opportunity is, it can also be overwhelming. One way to lessen the stress of this event is to familiarize yourself with the current Fellows by connecting with your school’s recruitment leads and also attending events on your school’s campus, in Indianapolis, or virtually. Current Fellows that you meet at these events can be great resources for connecting you with peers with your same major, who graduated from your university and or/whose hobbies interest you!

Before attending ROTC last year, I reached out to several Fellows prior to attending. This helped me navigate the event because I had already started conversations with a handful of Fellows and had familiar faces to look for. I felt more confident going into this event by having a better idea of what Partner Companies Fellows worked at and what they do in their spare time.

  1. Plan what to wear and what to bring with you

The dress code for this event is business casual. The definition of business casual varies depending on who you ask, but a good rule of thumb is to treat it as business professional dress, but without the blazer. If you are still struggling, it is always safe to err on the side of dressing too formal rather than too casual, or “Dress for Success.” That being said, there is no need to place too much pressure on your outfit. Dress in a way that reflects the confident and able candidate that you are!

In addition, you are not being interviewed at this event, so leave your resume and business cards behind.

  1. Arrive early! 

If you are not familiar with the location, be sure to leave yourself enough time to find the venue and applicable parking garage. If you’re attending virtually, ensure you have a strong internet connection and your video is on. In general, if you have any logistical questions before the event don’t hesitate to reach out to a Fellow. We are happy to help you out with any clarification you need!

  1. Take advantage of the access to current Fellows, Board Members, and presenters at the event 

Still have questions about Orr Fellowship? I am sure you do! ROTC is a recruitment event tailored for candidates to ask questions. Fellows and Board Members are there to help you get to know Orr Fellowship, in addition to us getting to know you. Through conversations and a formal presentation, attending ROTC will help you to get a more clear idea of what Orr Fellowship is and all of the amazing opportunities that it has to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask any and all of your questions – that is what we are here for!

Relax! Despite the craziness of ROTC, Fellows can all agree that overall it is a super fun event. Everyone will be in chatting over light refreshments in a trendy Indy event spot. A few nerves are normal, but don’t let them get the best of you. Make the most of the event by connecting with Fellows and Board Members, and be sure to have fun while doing that!