2017 Finalist Day Tips

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Chris Waflart 11/07/2017 1:59pm

Host Company: Supplykick


Finalist Day Interview Advice:

1. RESEARCH THE COMPANIES: When you receive your interview schedule, it’s important that you investigate the companies. Of course, the companies understand that candidates have only had a day or two to research, but they will expect you to understand the basics of their business. The less time a host company spends explaining what they do, and the more time they can spend getting to know you, the smoother the interview will go. Plus, the more you know about the business, the more astute your questions will be.


2. ENGAGE WITH FELLOWS: Current Fellows will be at Finalist Day to answer questions and spend time with you. In fact, many Fellows will be representing their host companies at the interview tables. Use your time between interviews to ask current Fellows about their experiences at the companies you’re interviewing with. Fellows understand the questions you have about culture, job roles, and more, since they were in your shoes a short time ago. Secondly, by networking effectively with a wide variety of Fellows on this day, you will gain exposure to other host companies. Even if your initial slate of interviews does not result in an offer on Friday, these connections may pay off in a post-Finalist Day interview with an additional company.


3. BRING YOUR ENERGY: Finalist Day is an event like no other: candidates will each have four to five interviews, and host companies will each have eight or nine! This can be very tiring, so it’s important to take extra strides to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude in each interview, whether it’s the first one of the day or the last. Eat well, get good sleep, and prepare yourself the night before. Many companies value culture-fit and attitude as much as skills and experiences, so, as always, set yourself up to succeed.


4. BE YOURSELF: If you’ve made it to Finalist Day, it’s no secret you’re a rock star. Out of more than 1,200 applicants, you’ve made it to the last stage in the recruitment process. You have reasons to be confident in your skillset, your values, and what you bring to the table. Finalist day is about embracing those qualities and showing host companies what you’re made of!


If you do your research, engage with Fellows, bring your energy, and truly be yourself, you’ll likely have a successful Finalist Day. We’ll see you at the racing capital of the world!