Kate (Carrico) Broshears – Orr Fellow Class of 2010

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Host Company: Compendium
Current Company: Central Indiana Workforce Development Initiative (CIWDI)


When Kate (Carrico) Broshears graduated from DePauw University in 2010 with a major in Economics, she wanted more than a standard entry-level position at a top company. Her desire to develop her personal and professional networks while exploring and engaging her city in a meaningful way led her to accept an offer as an Orr Fellow at host company Compendium. Professionally, Kate was pushed outside her comfort zone and thrust into the world of technology and product support where she learned and excelled quickly. At Compendium, she gained an appreciation for how companies approach uncertainty, solicit constant feedback from customers, and communicate organizational change. Personally, she encountered an unrivaled peer network and close friends – a group with whom still shares dinner regularly, thanks to Kate’s initiative on organizing the casual get-togethers. She credits the Fellowship with setting her on the path to success in her personal and professional life.

Kate appreciates the enthusiasm, passion, and dedication that Orr Fellows embody. Earlier this year, she was reminded of the value of maintaining strong networks and the role that Orr Fellowship continues to play in her life in Indianapolis, even five years after completing the program. This reminder came when an Orr alumnae and dear friend of Kate’s introduced her to the Executive Director of Ascend Indiana (formerly Central Indiana Workforce Development Initiative, or CIWDI) where Kate joined shortly thereafter as the organization’s fifth employee.

At the time, Ascend was the newest initiative of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP). As Vice President of External Relations at Ascend, Kate oversees development and communications, particularly employer engagement, focusing her time on employer on-boarding, grant writing and reporting, stakeholder engagement, print and digital marketing, and media relations. Ascend’s vision is for every Central Indiana employer to have access to the skilled workforce needed to thrive and for every individual to have the opportunity to build a meaningful career, much like the one Kate started to build as an Orr Fellow.

Kate navigates her personal and professional life in Indianapolis with ease, thanks to her experience as an Orr Fellow. She is passionate about community building and considers giving back to be a collective responsibility. Kate says that the awesome people are what made the experience so powerful for her.  Despite it being nearly 8 years since she became a Fellow, she still stays in contact with her Fellow classmates. Her advice to current Fellows is that they soak in this amazing opportunity by finding unique ways to get involved in their new city: “Do your very best at your job, even if it’s challenging, outside your comfort zone, or not exactly what you expected. People notice your attitude.”

Kate is currently the Chair of the Orr Fellowship Alumni Advisory Board and is on the Orr Fellowship Executive board.


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