Chloe Bushey – Orr Fellow Class of 2013

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Host Company: Allos Ventures
Current Company: Civitas Learning


It’s hard to believe now that when Chloe first heard about Orr Fellowship as a college senior she wasn’t quite sure if it would be a good fit for her. After attending a few recruiting events and meeting a number of the current Fellows, Chloe realized that joining this organization would prove invaluable to her future. She never looked back and went on to become an outstanding Fellow while launching her successful career.


Chloe graduated from Purdue in 2013 with a degree in Pre-Medical Engineering. Joining Orr Fellowship offered Chloe a way to pursue a more unusual career path than her classmates. This unique path led Chloe to a venture capital firm called Allos Ventures. While at Allos, Chloe gained a foundation of knowledge that set her up to become a valuable team member at one of Indianapolis’s newest and most successful venture capital firms, High Alpha.


During her time as an Orr Fellow, Chloe was the co-chair for recruitment. Her advice to any Fellow is to get involved in the Fellowship, immediately. Much of what she learned as recruitment co-chair she still uses today. Chloe said, “being involved in the Fellowship is like running your own small business.” She gained experience in managing a large team, planning events, delegating tasks, and defining timelines and roles for team members. She said, “I constantly learned from other Fellows.” One of her biggest takeaways was learning how to motivate a team towards a unified goal.


Someday, Chloe hopes to run her own company, but she hasn’t ironed out any specifics yet. A friend once told her to “keep an open mind because if you’re too focused on your ‘dream’ career path, you might miss an opportunity that is right in front of you.”


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