Brittany Young – Orr Fellow Class of 2012

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Host Company: Teradata
Current Company: Innovatemap


Brittany Young joined Orr Fellowship in 2012 after graduating from Butler University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. The Fellowship was an attractive option for Brittany; it provided opportunities for continual learning, a strong peer and professional network throughout Indianapolis, executive mentorship, and new challenges.


Brittany worked at Aprimo/Teradata, which provided companies with powerful integrated marketing solutions. During her time at Teradata, Brittany worked in a variety of roles under Marketing Applications including Customer Experience, Product Marketing, and Content Marketing. As an Orr Fellow, she was immediately trusted with great responsibility and gained exposure to high-level meetings and the company’s executives. Beyond these opportunities, her time at Teradata also allowed her to develop project management skills and gain, in her own words, “an entrepreneurial spirit.”


It was this entrepreneurial inspiration that led Brittany to her position as the Senior Marketing Partner at Innovatemap in January 2015. Innovatemap is a product agency that partners with companies to design, create, and deliver digital products and services. During her time there, Brittany led the start-ups marketing efforts and worked with their clients on product marketing initiatives. Innovatemap was a much smaller company than Teradata: there were 5 employees when Brittany was hired, and they have now expanded to a team of more than 20. In May 2019, Brittany made the decision to come home full time to focus on raising her kids.


Brittany has many great memories from the Fellowship, including summer retreat, monthly Business Leader Meetings, and living with a fellow Orr Fellow. In a way, she also attributes her current career success to her time in Orr Fellowship. “Had I not become an Orr Fellow, I wouldn’t have worked at Teradata. Had I not worked at Teradata, I wouldn’t have met Mike, who started Innovatemap, or my other colleagues! I truly love my job and am so thankful for the string of connections that brought me here.”

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