March 20, 2018 by Katie Flegenheimer

Host Company: Octiv Current Company: Veeva Systems As a Business Economics & Public Policy as well as Finance major at Indiana University, Tom Marvel certainly never envisioned he’d be working in Indianapolis as an Engineering Manager 5 years down the line. Having grown up in Carmel, he was itching to explore outside …

March 14, 2017 by Orr Fellowship

By accepting his Orr Fellowship offer to work at City Securities, Yaw explains that he ultimately took a leap of faith. His engineering background provided him little insight into the seasoned businessman. Yaw gained professional experience as an analyst helping clients work through mergers and acquisitions, performing market research, and strategizing to raise investment for growth-stage companies.

by Orr Fellowship

Lauren said the Fellowship “immerses you so deeply [in Indianapolis] that you couldn’t leave if you wanted to.” An Indianapolis native with a family history in racing, Lauren was determined to carve her own path in the city, which led her to Orr Fellowship. During her two years, Lauren really poured in and committed herself to all aspects of the Fellowship.

by Orr Fellowship

Eric touts the Fellowship as a strong source of his entrepreneurial development and say that Orr Fellowship “puts entrepreneurship in Fellows’ minds and provides a framework for development down an entrepreneurial career path. It molds you to think more like an entrepreneur, while putting you into contact with people who have been there before.”

August 19, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Josh finds that the most successful people in his life are those “who are willing to bet on themselves, and who are willing to take chances.” Therefore, he says his best advice to graduating college seniors and new Fellows would be that “it’s hard to get your first job wrong with the right attitude and drive.”

by Orr Fellowship

“Entrepreneurship can also be about creating a lifestyle business that lets you follow your heart, achieve balance, and work with a small group of people you love. That’s the path I’ve chosen, and I’ve never been sorry for a second.”

by Orr Fellowship

Bo found Orr Fellowship to be a great transition from college life to the adult world from a mental and social standpoint. In the Fellowship, Bo said, “no one is going to tell you what to do, but if you are proactive, you have the opportunity to take on valuable side projects and build an extensive network in Indianapolis. It’s a great environment in which to communicate with your peers and chip in on all different types of endeavors.”

August 18, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Kate appreciates the enthusiasm, passion, and dedication that Orr Fellows embody. Earlier this year, she was reminded of the value of maintaining strong networks and the role that Orr Fellowship continues to play in her life in Indianapolis, even four years after completing the program.

by Orr Fellowship

“Indianapolis is a hot bed for technology and entrepreneurship and the support network in a smaller, friendlier city like Indy allows young talent to try things they normally wouldn’t have. The network continues to deepen – I love re-connecting with Orr alums; the comfort level is similar to that of high school friends and the caliber of talent and success is so impressive, it only makes you want to continue to up your game.”

July 29, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

It’s hard to believe now that when Chloe first heard about Orr Fellowship as a college senior she wasn’t quite sure if it would be a good fit for her. After attending a few recruiting events and meeting a number of the current Fellows, Chloe realized that joining this organization would prove invaluable to her future. She never looked back and went on to become an outstanding Fellow while launching her successful career.