Will Ziegert

Will Ziegert

Year: 2020

University: Miami University

Major: Urban Planning & City Development

Partner Company: Resultant (formerly KSM Consulting)

At KSM Consulting, I work as an Associate on our Strategy & Outcomes Team helping our clients and team members solve and think through the industry’s hardest problems when it comes to tech, data, and business management. I typically work on a variety of projects for clients ranging from education to workforce development while also working on internal business development and research. Being an Indy native, this place has always been home so I typically find myself trying new things, or doing the things I have loved the most. Catch me reading a book, taking a photo, riding a bike, or swimming in some body of water. One of my big life goals is to complete an Iron Man by the time I’m 50 and travel to every national park!

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