Nick Calla

Nick Calla

Year: 2019

University: University of Dayton

Major: Finance, Entrepreneurship

Host Company: High Alpha

My host company, High Alpha, is a venture studio that conceives, launches and scales enterprise cloud companies through an innovative model pairing company creation with venture capital funding. As an Analyst on the Corporate Innovation and Business Design team, my role is to do just that by helping entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporations rapidly start, launch and scale next-generation enterprise cloud companies. My prior experience lies in operational roles working for startups, as well as investing for a private equity firm, Velocity Fund Partners, and other broader asset managers. I hope to leverage my knowledge gained through these experiences to make a positive impact on High Alpha. My passions are working with and investing in innovative companies with unique business models and I am grateful that High Alpha affords me the opportunity to do both as a career. Outside of venture capital, I enjoy a number of different things that involve, but are not limited to: sports, fitness, reading, making a fool out of myself on the golf course, doing random activities that make me scared for my life while traveling and meeting interesting people. Feel free to reach out!

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