Madi Gall

Madi Gall


Year: 2019

University: University of Cincinnati

Major: Marketing

Partner Company: NCW

At NCW I am apart of our newly developed marketing team. On our team I am helping build a brand for NCW as there has not been a brand standard prior to 2019. I am also helping expand our business into new markets through unique marketing tactics. Outside of the marketing team I am working to vet and integrate a new CRM system and a more efficient time sheet process. Throughout my time with NCW I am rotating around the company to work with different teams and gain exposure to all aspects of the organization. Overall the company is growing immensely and my role is not 100% defined and I love that aspect of my role at NCW. Outside of work I enjoy working out, trying new restaurants, and traveling! As a Cincinnati native and avid sports fan I also enjoy going to sporting events, playing sports, and chatting about my hometown.

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