Katie Browning

Katie Browning


Year: 2018

University: DePauw University

Major: Communication

Partner Company: Onebridge

I work as a Marketing and Communication Specialist at Onebridge. Essentially, I work to build our Onebridge brand through a combination of marketing and employee engagement efforts. This includes managing our social media presence, internal communication initiatives, and internal marketing materials and training. With Orr Fellowship, I also have the opportunity to explore my passions for social media and civic engagement. I serve as the Orr Fellowship Social Media Coordinator and the Marketing Liaison for the Civic Engagement Team. I've also recently joined a Non-Profit Consulting Project where I will lend my marketing knowledge to a local non-profit. When not focusing on the amazing professional opportunities Orr Fellowship provides, you can find me spending time with friends and family, petting dogs, maintaining my personal blog/video series, searching for the best food (& ice cream) locations in Indy...and let’s be honest, binge-watching Netflix.

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