Katie Browning

Katie Browning

Year: 2018

University: DePauw University

Major: Communication

Host Company: Onebridge

At Onebridge, I have the opportunity to learn about and work within various aspects of the company. My specific focus areas are marketing and employee engagement. On the marketing team, I manage all of our social media platforms, am gaining experience with graphic design, and helping plan and execute events. Within the employee engagement team, I focus on internal communications and internal marketing materials and training. Outside of Onebridge, I am developing skills by getting involved with Orr’s social media team and grant writing team. When I’m not focusing on all of these amazing professional opportunities, you can find me spending time with friends and family, watching movies, petting dogs, maintaining my personal blog, searching for the best food (& ice cream) locations in Indy...and let’s be honest, taking naps.

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