Jace Gentil

Jace Gentil


Year: 2017

University: Hanover College

Major: Communication

Partner Company: Probo Medical

My role at Probo Medical is primarily situated in Equipment Acquisition and Business Development. However, in my first couple of months at this amazing start-up, I've been given a ridiculous amount of responsibility and opportunity. For example, I am on our Revenue Generation team and on the Marketing team in web development and graphic design. I even spend part of my time exploring new opportunities for expansion beyond ultrasound. I never know what's going to be dropped in my lap at Probo Medical, but I love every minute of it. If you would've told me a year and a half ago I would be buying ultrasound equipment for a living, I would've called you a Nerf Herder, but I honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else for two years.

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