Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

Year: 2018

University: Butler University

Major: Marketing

Host Company: Probo Medical

Probo Medical growing quickly through acquisition, so my role is currently focused on rebranding the companies during the transition and for the future. I have gained an incredible team through the acquisitions that help me consider the SEO, content, brand, and internal impact of the decisions I make for the rebrand. When I’m not focusing on the rebrand, I am assisting with graphic design, email campaigns, videography, content creation, and anything else that needs to get done. I'm grateful for the further education the Orr Fellowship has provided and the camaraderie among the fellows because it has supplied me with the means to quickly learn and adapt during my transition. In my free time, I work on my company, the Drink Culture Podcast, wake up at ungodly hours to swim, am intentional about spreading joy, and play with my Holland Lop bunny named Bella.

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