Alex Adams

Alex Adams

Year: 2019

University: Butler University

Major: Marketing

Host Company: Lev

As an Orr Fellow at Lev, I am going through a training program called "Next Lev" to better grasp an understanding of how all departments work together, as well as hard skills, such as various computer program languages, datorama, Marketing Cloud, etc. I am able to learn about each role and department which will better equip me for my specific role when the time comes. I am from Lansing, MI but studied at Butler University, so I have been in Indy for a while. Though, I can't say I have explored enough which makes me excited for the next two years! Hobbies of mine include: researching makeup, binge-watching Netflix (so original I know), trying new foods, exploring new cities, visiting my family back in Michigan, and saying "hello hello" more than one person should.

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