Essential Guide to Success as a Young Professional (For the Uber-Involved College Student)

Claire Haney

Claire Haney 5/29/2017 4:46
Host Company: Octiv

Although college might feel like the most freedom you will ever have, it’s likely that your classes, sports, clubs and activities keep you tied to an incredibly rigid schedule. It might come as a surprise to learn that you gain way more control over your time as a young professional. This can be a very hard transition for a lot of young professionals, who, like us, are use to a rigid schedule in college.   We believe your young professional career should be the best time of your life so far.  Below, we list our essential tips to make the most of this transition!

1. Find your rhythm: Find a schedule and rhythm that works best for you. Do you like to be the first one in the office, or would you rather sleep in and stay a little later? Do you like to hit the gym before, or after work? Will you spend your evenings watching Netflix, or honing in a skill?  Don’t follow anyone else’s schedule. Do what works best for you.  Why? Once you find a rhythm and routine that works for you, you will begin forming habits that will follow you for years, and likely your career.

2. Find a hobby: Don’t stop learning new things after graduation! Use your newfound time and resources to learn a new skill. Read a book or watch a documentary about that interesting topic you’ve never had time to explore. Continue to develop into an interesting person. Don’t be boring.

3. Learn how to clean. Actually clean.: You’ve probably learned how to make your apartment “look” clean, without actually cleaning it.  In the real world, just be clean. Learn how to mop, sweep, vacuum and dust… and do it regularly. It means a lot to those around you, and can do wonders for your mental health. We promise that it’s not that bad.

4. Take care of yourself: Now is the time to stop eating McDonald’s for dinner. Like seriously. Take your health seriously, so that you can live a long, adult life. Learn how to cook basic, and healthy options for your work week. Find a doctor! You will get sick, and your coworkers will get mad at you if you spread it to the office. Be familiar with your insurance, and what the best options are for getting health care.  And, most of all, get enough sleep!

5. Learn how to spend money: Learn how to budget, so that you can spend money on the things that actually matter to you. Is travel your thing? Send money on a trip once or twice a year. Is food your thing? Treat yourself to a nice dinner once a month. Save money, but don’t feel guilty about spending money on things you actually care about.

6. Call your parents, and mentors: Because we all still need a little help sometimes!

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