From sales and negotiation skill-building workshops to a coding bootcamp, Orr Fellowship is on a mission to accelerate your transformation from college graduate to polished professional. The Fellowship is constantly evolving and curriculum is continually updated based on feedback from both Fellows and companies in order to stay ahead of the curve.


Orr Fellows grow personally and professionally through an extensive two-year curriculum. Courses and workshops are offered that focus on developing a well-rounded experience. Examples are computer coding for beginners, Design Thinking, sales training, personal financial planning, Excel skill-building, etc.


Orr Fellowship seeks to develop talent by supporting individual career development endeavors. Each Orr Fellow is expected to complete at least one certification during their time in Orr Fellowship. During enrollment periods, Fellows submit his or her certification of interest. Upon approval, Fellows begin working toward completion. This is an excellent opportunity for Orr Fellows to develop relevant skills to apply in the workplace.

Each certification looks a little different depending on the Fellow's interest, but often they are classes or modules that equip Fellows for a test or certify a learned skill upon completion. Orr Fellows commonly choose to complete certifications in areas such as:

  • Project management
  • Data analytics
  • Marketing
  • Coding
  • Graphic design

Personal Development

In addition to helping you gain additional job skills needed to succeed, the Fellowship also places a focus on helping you figure out where you want to go next. To support personal development, Fellows participate in three personalized, one-on-one sessions with a professional career coach free of charge during their tenure with the Fellowship.

Monthly Business Leader Speaker Series

A monthly top executive speaker series provides Orr Fellows with an incredible opportunity to learn from some of Indiana’s most respected leaders and entrepreneurs. Excellent featured speakers have included: Mark Miles (CEO of Hulman & Co./Indianapolis Motor Speedway), Mitch Daniels (President of Purdue University, former Governor of Indiana), Greg Ballard (former Indianapolis Mayor), Ryan Diem (retired Indianapolis Colt, Super Bowl champion, angel investor), Angie Hicks (co-founder & CMO of Angie’s List), and Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush.

Case Competitions

Orr Fellows participate in two internal case competitions each year. Each event involves an Indianapolis business challenging Fellows to solve a unique problem it faces. Teams of Fellows analyze the problem and then compete by presenting solutions to the company’s executives. Previous case competition clients include FifthGear, Orbis Education and Indy Eleven.

Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition

Orr Fellowship holds an exciting annual pitch competition that provides Fellows with a unique opportunity to experience the entrepreneurial process in action. Fellows form teams and prepare original build out business ideas, which they then pitch to a panel of experts. The panel includes successful Indianapolis entrepreneurs who provide feedback and crown a champion. It is an incredible learning experience for those with or without entrepreneurial aspirations.