Interested in Becoming an Orr Fellowship Partner Company?

Become an Orr Fellowship Partner

What does it take to be an Orr Partner Company?

Employment Details:

  • Two-year, full time employment of Orr Fellow(s)
  • Full-time salary and benefits
  • Orr PTO (around 11 days per calendar year, independent of standard PTO) for programming, recruitment, and leadership development
  • Quarterly investment (dues) to Orr


Enthusiasm for Nurturing Early Career Talent:

  • Provide growth opportunities and pathways to a challenging workload
  • Expose early talent to various departments within your organization or areas of your industry*
    (i.e. cross-functional collaboration, rotational opportunities, partnerships)
    *Will differ depending on industry and company size


Values-based Alignment:

  • Commitment to building and sustaining inclusive, equitable, and balanced teams which foster a sense of belonging

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