4 Skills High-Growth Companies Are Looking for Right Now

4 Skills High-Growth Companies Are Looking for Right Now
July 7, 2017 by Orr Fellowship

Kasey Woomer

Kasey Woomer 7/7/2017 2:39
Host Company: Studio Science

If you’re working at a high-growth company, we recommend incorporating these four traits into your foundation for success.  A high-growth company is often associated with a startup, but in this article, we are referring to all companies in a stage of rapid change, innovation and adaptability. Of course, the tips we give below are applicable at any company, but we believe it’s especially true at high-growth companies. In Orr Fellowship, for example, we have found that Fellows who incorporated these tips found more success at work.  In fact, companies at all stages of growth often incorporate the same principles into their organizational culture.

1. TECHNICAL SKILLS: As wise as it sounds, many people do not take the time to advance their technical skills.  Nothing can make you quite as valuable to a company as being able to take an issue that your business is facing, and use your tech skills to fix it in-house. With the advancements in free, online education (or even cheap classes) it has never been easier to learn skills quickly.  Take a coding class, become Google Analytics certified, and do something to learn more about the tech being developed in your community. Even if you don’t use these tools in your everyday job, having technical knowledge can put you on the fast-track to working on important business issues.

2. DO-IT ATTITUDE: One thing you’ll find at almost all high-growth companies is rapid change. The unexpected twists and turns in a high-growth company can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, which means you have an opportunity to guide those around you to the goal your team has envisioned. It is important to stay enthusiastic and plug-in wherever needed. Were you asked to go pick up drinks for the office? Do it with a smile. Is your desk neighbor struggling to get a report done by the end of the day? Ask how you can help. High-growth companies see the best results when the entire team is all in!

3. SALES CHOPS: Even if you are not in an official sales role, you should be able to talk about the value of your company.  This is so important because it can be what makes or breaks your business. Spend time learning about all aspects of the company and what makes it unique. Craft a company elevator pitch to convey the value to people right away! Check out this video by Carmine Gallo for creating a powerful pitch.

4. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: While it is important to have a differentiated technical skills, emotional intelligence is vital when it comes to getting along with others and creating a good company culture. The fast-paced nature of high-growth companies can be chaotic, if you can’t work well with your team, it’s going to get hostile, fast. Around the world, employers are discussing the importance of emotional intelligence more than ever before: being able to relate to others, reading between the lines, having empathy and always thinking about how to help your team. There can be a lot involved in emotional intelligence, so check out PsychCentral to learn more about what it is.

Keep these tips in mind, but always remember that high-growth companies want you to be yourself. Be passionate. Be hardworking. The rest will get figured out, but the most important aspect of any employee to a business is that you are giving it your all — the skills will come with time.

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