Orr Aspirations

Orr Aspirations
November 30, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

As a young 20-something, I resonate all too well with the definition of aspiration—“a strong desire to achieve something high or great.” If you graduated in May of 2016, it’s almost that 6 month mark since you said goodbye to your universities and entered the workforce. Personally, life has been pretty great lately! I landed my dream job as an Orr Fellow, I’m really enjoying my co-workers, there is way more money in my bank account than I ever had in college, and I’m enjoying so many new experiences in Indianapolis. However, this past weekend I pulled out the sweaters and winter clothes from my closet and started to realize that this exciting new adventure is actually becoming my new normal. I’ve never been one for settling, but my “adult routine” has indeed begun to settle. I’ve been asking myself some burning questions over the last few months: What is my next “reach” goal? How am I going to make a difference in a new city? Can I really still improve myself outside of school?

Since I haven’t figured out what my aspirations are quite yet, I decided to ask for a little help from my friends. I reached out to a handful of current Fellows asking what their personal and professional life goals are. While some have more defined goals, Andrew Newlin, first year Fellow at FirstPerson, has a broader perspective. Andrew said:

“I dream of changing the world. I dream of sharing the hope that I have in Christ with people who otherwise may never know that they are loved. I dream of using my knowledge and resources to bring economic and spiritual hope to marginalized communities across the globe. Where can greater joy be found?…My biggest fear in life is succeeding in things that do not matter. I urge you to think about your goals and aspirations and to ask yourself, will this matter 50 or 60 years from now? Dream big. Dream eternally.”

Nichol Wuertemberger is a first year Fellow working for hc1.com. Nichol is an extrovert at heart and hasn’t sat still for a single minute in his life. He’s always out seeking adventure. He has big dreams to quench his insatiable thirst for adventure. Nichol said:

“My biggest (current) dreams and aspirations include traveling the world to experience places rarely seen, starting my own coffee shop to provide a full-bodied experience for those who come through, and building a local outdoor gear store from the ground up to equip others to take adventure by the horns.”

Like I said, always seeking adventure. Nichol also laid out a few of his professional goals for me. He said, “I want to experience life to the fullest through both spontaneity and planning. I want to engage in the culture around me at work by doing both comfortable and uncomfortable things.” And like most Orr Fellows, Nichol is working in a role completely different than he ever could have imagined: “I’m working for a software company in healthcare not applying my college major—I aspire to find myself doing things I couldn’t imagine happening a year ago.”

Taking the GRE on December 3rd, Stacy Gudas, second year at DuraMark Technologies, hopes to return to school to get her PhD in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. Later in life, she hopes to teach and advise at the collegiate level. Her overarching goal is to work up to be a department head and eventually a dean. She would like to “assist in the structure of higher education and how we can improve the system and experience for students and faculty.”

Chandler Chapman, second year at Octiv, has her sights set on sustainable energy. She said, “I am passionate about learning how the U.S. and other countries can transition to a low carbon power system [and] how this can be impacted by efficient battery storage deployment.” In her free time, Chandler is frequently found spending time with her family. In life, she hopes to “stay close to my siblings and my family and attend as many life events as I possibly can for my siblings and their families.” She also has a giving heart and plans to “mentor kids in my community that are not as fortunate as I am.”

After some soul searching and talking with other Fellows, I realized that people never stop growing, and aspirations only become greater the older we get. I’m still not sure what my next big move will be—maybe it’s conquering a marathon, maybe it’s starting a nonprofit, or maybe it’s something I haven’t even dreamed of yet. I do know that there is a fire burning inside of me and I want to achieve something great. I’ve never been great with words, but Susanna Taylor, second year Fellow at Interactive Intelligence, has eloquently expressed exactly what I am feeling today:

“I believe that dreams are important. They help to drive us into the future and unify our personal vision. But I also believe that goals and day-to-day execution are the ingredients that come together to make dreams come true. One must know where they’re going to reach that destination, but the real importance is to be consistent and dedicated for every single step of the journey. Success to me may not end up looking like any of the outcomes listed above, but it most assuredly will align with the characteristics and values that I define for myself.”

By Kendell Caracciolo

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