A Day in the Life of a Fellow: Austin Del Priore

A Day in the Life of a Fellow: Austin Del Priore
November 18, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellow: Austin Del Priore

Have you ever wondered what Orr Fellows actually do all day? Do we spend hours in front of our computer screens inputting data? Traveling to trade shows across the country? Devoting all of our free time to Orr events outside of the 9-5? Well, the short answer is yes, we do all of that! But the longer–and incredibly more interesting–answer is that every Fellow has a unique experience, which we will attempt to highlight through our new “Day in the Life of a Fellow” spotlights! To kick off this new segment, we have asked Austin Del Priore, our fearless leader in this year’s recruitment process, to give us some insight on what his typical day actually consists of. 

7:30 AM may seem like a reasonable time for your alarm to go off, but that doesn’t make the early hours any better for one Austin Del Priore, who claims to not be much of a morning person. Like most twenty-something millennials, Austin looks to his Twitter feed for the news of the day (because actually watching the news would be so much harder). Typically, he wants the scoop on the latest local and national political happenings – the poli sci major coming out in him we’re sure – but some good results from his favorite college sports teams are a welcome occurrence as well! Go Dawgs, right Austin?

Austin heads out from Broad Ripple to the one and only Angie’s List around 8 AM. The List is located on the South side of downtown Indy, so he uses the 25-minute commute to listen to some of his favorite podcasts like ‘Keepin’ it 1600’ and ‘Revisionist History.’ By the time he rolls up to work, he is ready to take on the day! Mornings at the office are typically filled with catching up on emails and making to-do lists for all the things he can’t forget to do! This kid is big on lists, which is fitting when you consider where he works #listlover. And while some of us choose planners or our phones to keep track of our schedules, Austin prefers sticky-notes. Not only does he use them for his never-ending lists, but he also tends to make multiple for each facet of his life. Orr Fellowship events/recruitment work? He has a list. Doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping? He has a list. But the longest list Austin creates is the one revolving Orr Fellowship Host Company Angie's Listaround his work in the legal department at Angie’s List. Austin is a legal research analyst, which is a fancy way of saying he reads a lot. The bulk of his research is in state law, and he is like a walking encyclopedia when it come to what the company can and can’t do in terms of contests and giveaways. He is definitely not in a typical role Fellows tend to take on during the two year program, but when you are dead set on being a lawyer it is the best place to be. By the time you throw in a couple meetings or chatting with Karyn, our Executive Director, about some recruitment-related topic, it is usually past noon before Austin comes up for air. Then, the other Listers, myself included, attempt to coax him out of his office to join the AL squad for lunch. If you catch him on a Wednesday, he’ll be spending lunch down the street at Washington Irvington, a local elementary. He and other Angie’s List employees hang with some really incredible kids once a week for a mentoring program, and Austin’s buddies can’t contain their enthusiasm when they see him.

Orr Fellowship Recruitment TeamAfter lunch, Austin continues to work away at his previously mentioned lists in hopes of getting everything done by a reasonable hour. Since he is the Director of Recruitment, he has frequent meetings and phone calls off-site that can sometimes take up his entire afternoon. If you have seen Austin show up late to something, you are in rare company, so you can pretty much bet he is out of the office by 5 PM in order to make it to recruitment meetings, frequently at Panera, by 5:30 PM. Those meetings can last several hours–if not longer, but what time he does have left in the evening is devoted to law school applications and/or any sort of Orr-related work still on his list from the morning. By 9 o’clock, he has usually thrown in the towel and can be found binge watching Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins Forever), House of Cards, or trying to best his opponents in a heated game of Words with Friends. Mind you, he is currently at a record of 37-36-2 in his favor against his best friend, and is too competitive to give it up even after 75 games. According to Austin, the game is making a comeback, but the rest of us aren’t so sure.

So there you have it! A day in the life of Austin Del Priore, our fun-loving and list-oriented Director of Recruitment. He is pretty normal (we promise), even if the Words With Friends obsession is a bit curve ball, and without his leadership, our recruitment season wouldn’t have been half as successful. Check back next week to learn about another lucky fellow and see what it is like to live a day in their shoes!

By Holyn Marshall

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