Why Indy?

Why Indy?
November 12, 2015 by Orr Fellowship

InStorytelling Email Indy Infographic (1)dianapolis is a great American city- and most people just don’t know that yet.  Names like Chicago and New York, even San Francisco have traditionally dominated the conversation surrounding post graduate aspirations. By saying “yes” to the Orr Fellowship, you are saying “yes” to making a huge impact on Indianapolis and starting your career with a splash. As an Orr Fellow, you’ll have the opportunity to be a big fish in a little big city. But life isn’t all about work- outside of your 9 to 5, a young professional needs room to play! The great thing is, Indy offers a wide variety of attractions, entertainment, cultural events, and delicious cuisine all at your fingertips.

To help you understand why Indy is so great, we’ve put together a handy infographic just for you! Here are the reasons why a young professional just starting their career should say “yes” to a job opportunity in Indianapolis:

  1. New friends and affordable housing awaits you.

While it may seem like everyone you know is moving to New York after graduation, the truth is that Indianapolis’s millennial population is expected to grow by 13.2% by 2020. In comparison, New York’s growth is predicted to be a paltry 5.2%, Chicago’s 7.2% and San Francisco’s 11.4%. So even if your best friends aren’t headed to Indy, there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to meet lots of new young people in your neighborhood.

And unlike San Francisco, whose growth rate is also above the national average of 10.6%, Indianapolis features an exceptionally low rent as a percentage of income, coming in at 15.6% (compared to SF’s 30.8%). So not only will you have a plethora of new friends to make in Indy, but you’ll also have money in your pocket to spend on fun activities to do with them!

  1. And speaking of things to do…

Indianapolis is one active city. Whether cheering on sports teams, walking, biking, exploring, or just simply catching a race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway…sports and entertainment outlets abound in Indianapolis!  Sports are part of the city’s identity: Lucas Oil Stadium was the host venue for the 2010 Super Bowl, and the NBA team the Indianapolis Pacers are named after pace cars at the Indianapolis 500. Additionally, the Indianapolis 500 is said to be the largest single-day sporting event in the world!

Not into organized sports? Hop on a bike and cruise the Monon Trail, a 15.7 mile trail that was once a central route from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, and is now one of the state’s best loved icons.

Explore countless different neighborhoods such as the Warehouse District, Broad Ripple, or Fountain Square.

  1. But what about food?

Indianapolis doesn’t exactly have a signature dish like some cities…Did you know that if you went out every night in Indy, it would be a year before you’d have to visit the same restaurant or bar twice? Restaurants such as Milktooth, Georgia Reese’s, Mimi Blue Meatballs, and the Cake Bake Shop are making a splash in culinary circles. And with parking in downtown areas being abundant and affordable, it’s easy to find parking in order to try new restaurants in town. One local eatery, The Slippery Noodle Inn, claims the title of the oldest bar in Indiana, and during Prohibition, John Dillinger’s gang patronized the place frequently!

  1. Job opportunities abound in this growing city.

Let’s face it: more than ever, millennials change jobs throughout the course of their careers. It’s important to end up in a city where new opportunities continuously present themselves. While three companies named the Indianapolis Business Journal’s hottest companies in 2015- Milhaus, CloudOne, and Element Three- are directly involved in the Orr Fellowship, over the years this city has become a Midwest hub for technology.  Indianapolis has 277 startup companies and countless national and international organizations. Since 1990, more than $5 billion has been invested in the downtown area.

The growth of Indianapolis in so many different ways is clear- this is the right time and the right place to start your career here. That’s why Indianapolis should be an attractive choice to a millennial- it’s a place where they can dream big and make a name for themselves.

By Brooke Kovanda


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