What is Orr Fellowship Finalist Day?

What is Orr Fellowship Finalist Day?
November 11, 2015 by Orr Fellowship

In just a few days, dozens of current college seniors will be gathering at The Willows in Indianapolis for a unique phenomenon known as Finalist Day. For over a decade, the Orr Fellowship has been instrumental in attracting and retaining millennial talent for the state of Indiana.

The mission of the Orr Fellowship is direct and poignant: developing the next generation of Indiana’s business leaders. Finalist Day is the last step in determining who will become the next class of fellows to carry out that mission and make a lasting impact on the Indiana business community. Here’s why we consider Finalist Day to be an amazing for the millennial talent it seeks to attract:

1. It’s professional speed dating

Finalist Day is a crash course in interviewing for a job. Finalists are going to learn about different styles of interviewing: from the abstract brainteasers, to personality based questioning, to straightforward, classic interviews.

2. It is a tangible reminder of how valuable millennials are to the business world

The value of a college degree, and the millennial generation is not only understood by every company present…it is highly sought after.

3. It exposes finalists to new companies and career paths

The companies present are on the cutting edge or have established themselves in a unique area of an existing market. Speaking to all of these unique companies exposes finalists to industries and career paths that may not have originally been considered.

4. It created an understanding of how diverse degrees can be practically applied

Not everyone in the room will be pursuing a business degree. As a humanities major, one of the most interesting elements of Finalist Day was hearing how the companies valued my degree and how they envisioned it benefiting their mission.

Finalist Day is such an integral event for the Orr Fellowship and the Indianapolis business community at large. Finalist Day matches young minds to innovative and growing companies, and helps showcase the thriving business community that has blossomed in Indiana.

By Clare Maher

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