Happy Hours at the Workplace. It’s Not a Trap!

Happy Hours at the Workplace. It’s Not a Trap!
November 2, 2015 by Orr Fellowship

unnamedAs a grown up with a full time job, whether you subscribe to having a drink every now and then or not, being surrounded by alcoholic beverages at networking events and other professional settings is extremely common. If you are a beer aficionado, the following thought may have crossed your mind: “Technically I’m an adult now; furthermore, beer.” But, how does one operate in this strange zone between college lifestyle and teetotalling?

Fear not. Alcohol is not a bad word in the workplace. It is not a taboo topic.

It’s totally copacetic to have a couple of brewskis at networking events. Hooray! Holding a drink in the left hand sends the vibe that you are relaxed, friendly, and ready to shake hands. This stance also aids in answering the age-old question: “What do I do with my hands?”

Not a drinker? No worries! Just keep in mind that happy hours are social events built to bond with colleagues—and bonding is a big part of business. Going for the soft drink and some quality conversation is completely acceptable. Your presence is what matters. Some people just relish in the opportunity to be present with a beer in hand—and that’s okay too!

Many of you will also encounter some sort of social drinking at your companies. You may feel like this is some sort of baited trap. False. It is a chance to have one or two brews and meet people in the office with whom you don’t usually speak. This has been the biggest advantage of our Pillar Power Happy Hours at Blue Pillar where we congregate for a beer and a monthly update on what’s going on in each department. I have had many good chats with unfamiliar faces about movies, history, sports, and beer itself! Take these opportunities to build relationships with your teammates at your host company. Consider happy hours as a ticket to chat-town.

At this point I hope you’re thinking, “All this talk of beer just makes me want to hang out with my friends tonight.” No worries, mate; that’s what pubs are for!

Pubs are beautiful places where one can play games, listen to good music, watch soccer and rugby, take dates, bro out, and responsibly drink reasonably priced, hearty beer. Imagine the coolest basement ever and transport it to a public area where everyone can come hang out whenever they want!

These public basements are great for catching up with friends, coworkers, or simply for embracing an energized upbeat atmosphere (depending on what you choose!)

For starters I’ll give you three mainstay pubs in B-ripp and three in the city. Each of these spots has proven reliable for knocking back a couple of cruisers and seeking social nirvana.

Broad Ripple: Connor’s Pub, The Wellington, Union Jack

Downtown: Ralston’s, Nine Irish Brothers, Lockerbie

You fixin’ to get your pub on yet? If you want some company to catch a proper football match or (for the more competitive reader) a challenger for darts let me know. I’ve got your back.

By Ben Finley

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