Finding Your Fit

Finding Your Fit
October 19, 2015 by Orr Fellowship

As most college seniors are constantly thinking about their near futures and how they so desperately just want a job, there are a few important things to consider throughout the process. When interviewing for a job, it is good to remember that as much as you want to get hired, companies also want to hire you. They want to fill the position as badly as you want it. But, knowing how to find the right fit is key.

Last year at Finalist Day, Board Member, Mark Hill, told us to make note of which companies we “feel the chemistry” with, because the feeling you have when walking away from an interview is what helps you rank your top choices at the end of the day. I took that advice to heart and was glad I did. I definitely could tell which companies I felt the chemistry with, versus which one’s I just didn’t. I really connected with some of the people I interviewed with and left feeling confident.

Based on your research, you might convince yourself that a certain company would be a perfect fit. This makes it even more important to trust your gut after the interview and contemplate if it was actually as perfect as you expected. From personal experience, I went into Finalist Day thinking I really would like to work at a certain company and they ended up being last on my list because of the way the interview felt. My biggest advice is to go into any interview with an open mind and know that the chemistry will change your feelings about the companies you interview with. If you felt the connection with a certain company, chances are the interviewers felt it too!

While trusting your gut and feeling the chemistry is important on Finalist Day to find your host company, it also applies to interviewing for any job. You can’t really understand what it’s going to be like to actually work at a company until you’ve gotten a taste of their culture by talking to their employees.

If you’re interviewing for the Orr Fellowship and it ends up not being the right fit for you, your fit is out there somewhere! So remember to see where you feel the chemistry and trust that your interactions with the employees and interviewers will be a good indicator of what it might be like to work there.


By Hailey Ware

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