Porch Profile: The Women of 102 Solana Apartments

Porch Profile: The Women of 102 Solana Apartments
October 8, 2014 by Orr Fellowship
Many Orr Fellows not only work and play together, but also live together. The following post is part of a new blog series that highlights fun roommate dynamics in various places in Indianapolis. First-year Fellows Emily Richards (pictured left) and Andrea Massimilian (pictured right) are featured.
Favorite memory as a house?
Andrea Massimilian: Dance party that involved wine on a Monday night- it was spontaneous!
Emily Richards: Every time I TRY and fail to cook a meal
AM: No, she actually is great cook! I love it when she cooks…

Favorite thing to do as roommates?
AM: Brunch.
ER: Brunch, Amen.
AM: Or movie nights. Those are a lot of fun!

Favorite item in your house?
ER: The wine bottle opener.

AM: Ha! 
EM: And the fresh flowers Andrea brings home every week.
AM: I read an article once saying to splurge on something that will make you smile every time you see it. For me that’s fresh flowers. I have them at home and on my desk at work! Anyways… mine would have to be the mini pumpkins that we have in a giant bowl on our island. Happy Fall!
Broad ripple or downtown?
AM: Broad ripple!! But I do love how easy it is to get downtown.
ER: Broad Ripple 🙂

Song that describes the house-
ER: Shake it off!!
AM: Dang that’s what I was gonna say…

Something others might not know about you or your house?
AM: Em can’t eat dairy! But yet we have a lot of cheese our fridge? She buys it for the cooking… It’s funny. One time she made a homemade pizza and half was soy cheese and the other half real cheese. She knows I can’t give up my real cheese 🙂
ER: We somehow end up having great Monday nights? 

Describe your house in one word:
ER: Cohesive (We’re really great roommates.)
AM: Welcoming! (We love having people over.)

If you had to give each other a superlative what would it be?
AM: Teacher’s pet.

ER: Ah, man.
AM: In a good way!
ER: Yours would be Best Laugh.
AM: I have such an obnoxious laugh…
ER: No it’s the best! It’s one of those that makes everyone else laugh- it’s infectious.

What do you think each other’s aspirations are?

ER: Oh, good question. A’s gonna be a VP of marketing, wait no. She’s gonna be the EVP of PR and Marketing at a really cool firm in Chicago and go on really cool trips… No Oklahoma though.
AM: Now I feel the pressure … Em’s going to be one of those women that kills it as a mom with a career. She’ll have the cutest kids that have the most fashionable outfits but also work for a company and people that respect her but also thrive with her. (Cue ahhhs)
ER: Ahhhh!
AM: Ha, told you!

Do you have any advice for future fellows?
AM: Say yes to almost everything – that’s how you get to know everyone!
ER: This sounds so Miss America- but be yourself and enjoy the process! I’m so basic.
AM: We want to get a latte maker, we’re pretty basic. Good luck future fellows! 🙂

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