Governor Pence’s Keys to Leadership: Servant Leader Mindset, Vision and Character

Governor Pence’s Keys to Leadership: Servant Leader Mindset, Vision and Character
February 17, 2014 by Orr Fellowship
The Orr Fellowship was privileged to spend an afternoon in January with prominent state leaders. Governor Mike Pence was joined by Victor Smith (Secretary of Commerce for the state of Indiana) and Eric Doden (President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation) to talk with Orr Fellows about Indiana, their vision for the state and leadership. 

Governor Pence’s comments centered on three essential elements of leadership: servant leadership, vision and character. The book Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf has shaped Pence’s view of what it means to consider others to be more important than oneself. Servant leadership, according to Pence and Greenleaf, has the greatest potential for the greatest accomplishment. 
Pence also recommended the book Good to Great, a staple in business classes, saying “the most successful CEOs were all about relationships…you are at a time in your lives when you need to be deciding what kind of leaders you want to be.”  
Governor Pence’s remarks were filled with nuggets of wisdom. I chose a few of my favorites to share here: 
On the Orr Fellowship: 
“There are young people in 49 states that wish they could be you.” 
On Indiana: 
“We could be that state that other states continue to look to for how it’s supposed to be done.” 

On leadership: 
“While leadership is a gift that can be given in our lives, it is also a skill that can be developed.” 
On vision: 
“Vision is clearly articulated specific goals, with room for flexibility.” 
On character: 
“Please reject the notion that adversity creates character. What you are pouring into your life up until that moment of challenge is what will come out when you’re pressed.” 
Thank you to Governor Pence, Victor Smith and Eric Doden for an incredible Business Leader Meeting, and thanks to all BLM speakers for sharing your experience and insight with the Orr Fellowship. 
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