No Tree Luggers This Year?!

No Tree Luggers This Year?!
January 4, 2011 by Orr Fellowship
Yes folks, you read that right.  Unfortunately, the Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship is not taking on the challenge of lugging trees.  You may think that it’s because our new Fellowship class just couldn’t cut it.  While you might be correct (I’m a second year Fellow, I can say that, right?), the reality is that this wonderful program just didn’t fit this year.  

With the expansion of our new class, we’ve begun growing in other ways.  For example, our business meetings just keep getting better and better – Gov. Mitch Daniels, Ellen Annala (CEO of the United Way of Central Indiana)…  And more!  Not to mention, we’ve all been incredibly busy with each of our high growth start-ups.  Your first job is never easy, but since we are all holding a full-time position in such fast-paced and growing companies, our jobs keep up hopping even more.

So you may be wondering, what in the world will you do with your tree this year without Tree Luggers?!  Here are a few options that we’ve been able to locate around the city:

The Indy Parks recycling locations:  
– This is a list of the recycling locations – individuals wanting to recycle their trees here will need to bring the trees there themselves or find another group/company who is offering a pick-up service.
Pick-up: Simple Mans Tree Service  
– Pick-up is $20. (Yes, we checked and they are highly rated on Angie’s List!)

Thank you to each and every one of you that has chosen to take part in Tree Luggers in the past.  We certainly appreciate your generosity and could not have done it without you!  Through the years we’ve been able to make some great donations and help out many worthwhile causes.

Keep an eye out in the future…  Just because we’re busy with our entrepreneurship careers doesn’t mean we won’t be taking the time to stop and help others!

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