The People Are What Matters

The People Are What Matters
November 8, 2010 by Orr Fellowship
In response to “It’s Different This Time Around”

It’s true. Having the opportunity to mingle with and meet people who have already been there and done that and are now in a place you could potentially be in within a year is incredibly invaluable. I’ve said this before in many ways but I’ll say it again: the people are what matters. When I was going through the Orr Fellowship recruitment process last year, the people I met played a huge role in my final decision to join the Orr Fellowship program and take a job with Right On Interactive. In the long run, I could see myself enjoying and benefiting from the presence of both the Fellows and company executives I met, which is a huge motivator. People can make or break your experience with a job, internship, organization, or what have you; so, taking advantage of an opportunity to get a feel for the people you could potentially surround yourself with for your next professional engagement is always a smart move. For me, it panned out pretty well. I’m motivated everyday by others in the Fellowship and look forward to all the fun times we will undoubtedly have – see you all Thursday!

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