The Essence of the Fellowship

The Essence of the Fellowship
November 14, 2010 by Orr Fellowship

The Orr Fellowship’s ROTC took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, just a few days ago, and with all the wonderful new candidates to speak with, inspiring presenters,  and some great MCing by Bob Reish and Matt Lubbers, there was plenty to be excited about. My favorite part, however, was after the event had ended. The last candidates were trailing out and the hosts were gently herding the current fellows towards the exits while flipping the lights off behind us.

Outside, the conversations continued. For a good 30 minutes, almost twenty of the current fellows stood in the not-so-tropical Indiana night, catching-up, telling jokes, and making plans for both the short-term (weekend) and long-term (career). It was already late, we all had work in the morning, and we had already been together for nearly four straight hours. Yet somehow we were simply having too much fun enjoying each others company, conversing about business jobs in Indiana and pleasure, and bouncing our latest ideas off one another to be bothered.

To my left, the ever enthusiastic Jon Corwin rang out, saying he wished the candidates were still around, as this scene was the best example he could think of of what it really means to be a fellow. I had to agree.

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