Yay Entrepreneurship, Fellowship, and Good Times

Yay Entrepreneurship, Fellowship, and Good Times
August 16, 2010 by Orr Fellowship
What’s up every one.   My name is Alex.  I graduated from Valparaiso University this past May, and joined Apparatus back on the 14th of June as part of the Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship.  I moved into an apt. in Broad Ripple on the 10th of June.  It was a pretty quick turnaround from graduation.  I had pneumonia between graduation on the 14th of May and moving to Indianapolis.  That being said, I was very excited to get started because of being bedridden for so long.  For fear of jinxing my experience, I have been hesitant to express how much I have enjoyed Apparatus and the Orr Fellowship.  I’m going to focus on the Fellowship for this blog.

Reasons for joining the Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship:
    –    My strengths met Apparatus’s needs currently, as well as 2,3,4 years down the road
    –    Large breadth of experience
    –    Exposure to many parts and different skill sets of a company.
    –    Social Network in a new city.
    –    2-year commitment.

After 2 months of working and attending Orr Fellow events, I’d like to make a couple comments on a couple of these expectations.  Closer friends of mine from my home state of Minnesota have had some difficulties transitioning from school to work.  Reasons include being in one position, and being in that position indefinitely.  I have had some type of time commitment/goal since I was 5 years old (ie. elementary school; high school; college).  It was tough imagining a stage in my life that “had no end” unless I said so.  The fellowship provides that two-year commitment.  It also provides a social atmosphere that eases the transition from college to the blob called work.  I’m not saying that if you join the fellowship, you will have no struggles transitioning from school to work, but I will say that it helps.  In my next blog, I will talk more about how the fellowship has enhanced my first job out of college.

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