Success Stories

Yaw Aning
Yaw Aning – Orr Fellow Class of 2007

By accepting his Orr Fellowship offer to work at City Securities, Yaw explains that he ultimately took a leap of faith. His engineering background provided him little insight into the seasoned businessman. Yaw gained professional experience as an analyst helping clients work through mergers and acquisitions, performing market research, and strategizing to raise investment for growth-stage companies.

George_LaurenCPP_8115 (2)
Lauren George – Orr Fellow Class of 2013

Lauren said the Fellowship “immerses you so deeply [in Indianapolis] that you couldn’t leave if you wanted to.” An Indianapolis native with a family history in racing, Lauren was determined to carve her own path in the city, which led her to Orr Fellowship. During her two years, Lauren really poured in and committed herself to all aspects of the Fellowship.

Eric Murphy Headshot
Eric Murphy – Orr Fellow Class of 2013

Eric touts the Fellowship as a strong source of his entrepreneurial development and say that Orr Fellowship “puts entrepreneurship in Fellows’ minds and provides a framework for development down an entrepreneurial career path. It molds you to think more like an entrepreneur, while putting you into contact with people who have been there before.”

Josh Owens – Orr Fellow Class of 2007

Josh finds that the most successful people in his life are those “who are willing to bet on themselves, and who are willing to take chances.” Therefore, he says his best advice to graduating college seniors and new Fellows would be that “it’s hard to get your first job wrong with the right attitude and drive.”

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