Success Stories

Josh Owens – Orr Fellow Class of 2007

Josh finds that the most successful people in his life are those “who are willing to bet on themselves, and who are willing to take chances.” Therefore, he says his best advice to graduating college seniors and new Fellows would be that “it’s hard to get your first job wrong with the right attitude and drive.”

Nicole Ross
Nicole Ross – Orr Fellow Class of 2005

“Entrepreneurship can also be about creating a lifestyle business that lets you follow your heart, achieve balance, and work with a small group of people you love. That’s the path I’ve chosen, and I’ve never been sorry for a second.”

Bo Dietrick – Orr Fellow Class of 2011

Bo found Orr Fellowship to be a great transition from college life to the adult world from a mental and social standpoint. In the Fellowship, Bo said, “no one is going to tell you what to do, but if you are proactive, you have the opportunity to take on valuable side projects and build an extensive network in Indianapolis. It’s a great environment in which to communicate with your peers and chip in on all different types of endeavors.”

(Daniel Kubus | Ohio Athletics)
Kate (Carrico) Broshears – Orr Fellow Class of 2010

“Do your very best at your job, even if it’s challenging, outside your comfort zone, or not exactly what you expected. People notice your attitude.” Those close to Kate have certainly noticed her passionate attitude and enthusiasm to help build upon the support system that poured so much into her. She was recently named Chair of the newly formed Orr Fellowship Alumni Advisory Board and will continue to engage wholeheartedly with the entire Orr network in this dynamic role.

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