Sara Regan

Sara Regan

Year: 2018

University: Indiana University

Major: Finance

Host Company: One View

As an Orr Fellow at One View, I'm gaining exposure to multiple facets of the SaaS business world and automotive industry. I am completing a rotational program where I spend a 4-9 weeks working in each department of the organization including finance/accounting, support and customer success, production, development, sales, and marketing. I'm currently on the Implementation Team assisting in the onboarding of new customers and working to find ways to make the process more efficient. I'm learning to adapt to new challenges and communicate effectively to solve unique problems that arise each day. When I'm not at work, I am likely exploring the restaurants and coffee shops downtown, or attending a concert at one of the many music venues in Indy. I love exploring anything related to photography, art, or design. I also enjoy cooking and spending time with my Fellow (and non-Fellow) roommates in Fountain Square!

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