A.J. Morris

A.J. Morris

Year: 2018

University: University of Michigan

Major: Economics

Host Company: Lessonly

I am lucky to work at Lessonly. As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), I work with a high-functioning, dynamic team that is always finding new ways to win. As a Llama (our term for employee) I am valued, given responsibility within our sales org, and have learned how to critique with love and have difficult conversations. After making an impact as an SDR, I look forward to moving toward a Sales Enablement role where I can help sales reps get better at what they do, ultimately helping improve their lives. Outside of work I am a Colts, Pacers, and Michigan sports fan. Go Blue all around. Talk to me about golf and soccer too. Lastly, Orr Fellowship is incredibly valuable, the values you learn and experiences you gain from the genuine camaraderie among ~112 values won't be found elsewhere. If you're considering, take two years of your young life and jump right into a great start to your career.

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