The Other 128: Tiffani McCormick & Camp For Those Who Have To

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The Other 128: Tiffani McCormick & Camp For Those Who Have To
October 8, 2018 by Amanda Alexander

The Other 128 Series is an initiative inspired by the passions and causes our fellows commit to in the 128 hours outside the traditional work-week! Orr Fellowship is full of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, athletes, coaches, learners, innovators, and more. This series highlights their endeavors and showcases the impact Orr Fellows are making in the Indy community.

Tiffani McCormick is a second year Orr Fellow working at LDI, or Lacy Diversified Industries. She is a business analyst during work hours, but outside of work she is on a mission to combat homelessness through camping trips with her organization Camp For Those Who Have To. Listen to our podcast to learn more about her Orr experience and her organization!


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